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Pecan Selected as Meta Business Partner: Why It Matters

Why it matters that Meta has recognized Pecan’s experience in Marketing Mix Modeling and marketing campaign measurement.
Pecan selected as a Meta Business Partner for Measurement announcement graphic

We’re thrilled to announce today that Pecan AI has been selected as a Meta Business Partner in the Measurement specialty. It’s the rare startup that achieves this recognition. With this badge, Meta has recognized Pecan’s experience in Marketing Mix Modeling and marketing campaign measurement with machine learning. Our deep technical expertise and high-quality service are getting noticed.

Yehonathan Barnea, Pecan's VP for Customer Success

Yehonathan Barnea, Vice President for Customer Success, leads Pecan’s team that guides customers toward greater marketing efficiency through better measurement. I talked with him about what the Meta recognition means, how Pecan is helping customers accomplish their marketing goals, and what the future holds for our continued innovation around marketing measurement and AI.

Why is it significant that Pecan has been selected as a Meta Business Partner in Measurement?

We’re always working toward helping customers build effective marketing measurement strategies, and this recognition shows that Meta has acknowledged our success. I’m proud that we’ve been chosen as a partner. 

Additionally, this partnership also grants us access to exclusive Meta resources. That means we’ll have even more support for our customers when we work with them toward improving their marketing measurement methods. We had to meet rigorous criteria for this partnership, and it reflects our dedication to excellence and the quality of our measurement methods and service.

Finally, it’s remarkable to be selected for this status with Meta as a relatively small startup. We may be earlier in our journey, but we offer innovative solutions that stand out, even among long-established providers. 

We’re excited to meet more companies seeking marketing measurement solutions through this partnership, which shows that Meta trusts us as a dependable, quality partner with integrity and reliability.

What are some of the keys to Pecan’s success in marketing measurement? What are you finding to be critical factors in helping customers achieve their goals?

From my perspective, there are a few vital factors. First and foremost, our marketing mix modeling and campaign measurement capabilities have been a game-changer for many customers. Where they had previously operated based on best guesses, intuition, and data about the past, they now have a window into what will happen in the future with their customers or users. 

That means they vastly improved their ability to make decisions about everything from the best budget allocation across channels, to which campaign to invest in, to how to optimize each individual campaign. They have a much better understanding of the real impact of their marketing efforts and can make far more informed decisions.

Second, we take great pride in guiding customers through implementing these predictive capabilities, and in testing them with the same rigor that digital-first measurement oriented marketers are used to and that more traditional marketers are now adopting for the first time. 

Pecan is built so that integrating it into an existing marketing tech stack is fast and seamless, requiring just a few weeks instead of months of work in the traditional data science approach. We want the technical side to be as quick and easy as possible to handle so that the business value of implementing Pecan can be obtained rapidly. 

However, we also know that the mindset shift — adopting these new ways of thinking about marketing decisions — can be challenging. That’s where working with us offers additional value. We can bring our experience with this shift into each customer’s implementation, plus our knowledge of how businesses can obtain value from machine learning and AI. They aren’t just left on their own to figure out how to get ROI from this new capability.

Finally, our close relationships with Meta, Google, TikTok, and other key ad platforms mean that we are in the loop on the latest tech and policy changes. We keep up with what updates entail and how they will impact our customers’ marketing initiatives. With the pace of change at these platforms and in today’s marketing tech, our customers find it invaluable to have us as a trusted guide who is well-connected at the ad platforms and will ensure they stay on track for success.

By providing marketers with the advanced tools, actionable guidance, and platform insights they need, we don’t just help customers measure their marketing efforts – we empower them to make impactful decisions that drive their success.

Pecan supports marketing measurement with Marketing Mix Modeling, predictive campaign ROAS, measurement and campaign optimization for SKAN, and more.

What aspects of Pecan’s customer partnerships for marketing measurement are you looking forward to in the future?

I’m looking forward to continuing to help marketers get a better understanding of their overall marketing mix. We find that while many companies think MMM sounds great and maybe even can build a basic MMM model in-house, they usually don’t have the capabilities to create a usable consumption layer that displays, in an intuitive and actionable way, what the model tells them. They can’t always make effective use of the information, so the investment in MMM is wasted. 

We’re proud that we not only have continuously improved, state-of-the-art modeling tech in our platform, but we also have focused on making the model helpful to marketers in their daily decision-making. They can easily see what marketing channels are contributing to their outcomes and align their spending with those outcomes. 

Plus, they can use practical what-if prediction-based tools to not only experiment with different budget scenarios to see what results they might get, but also to truly identify budget scenarios that provide a significant incremental lift to meet their ROAS and MROI objectives. That’s vital today, with budgets and consumer behavior shifting quickly in this unusual economic environment. In the future, we know these capabilities will only become more important.

I’m excited to continue to help companies gain a truly data-driven perspective, enriched with insights into the future, on their marketing measurement.

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