Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Demand Forecasting

Forecast customer demand with predictive analytics.
plan for customer demand

Plan for Customer Demand

Foresee customer demand with predictive analytics. Mine millions of rows of customer data and enrich datasets with external data on active market trends. Gain accurate predictive insights into the influences on buyer behavior.
sku level predictions

Make SKU-Level Predictions

Predict demand down to the SKU level. Immediately see which products customers want and how to stock for them over a 30, 45, or 180-day period.

forecast sales, cash flow, pipeline

Forecast Sales, Cash Flow, and Pipeline

Predict sales trends and understand their impact on cash flow and pipeline. Better align resources to meet customer expectations and sales goals with predictive analytics for demand and sales forecasting.
align resources, drive customer experience

Drive Customer Experience

Provide an excellent customer experience with the right products and resources at the right time. Improve CSAT and your bottom line with predictive analytics.

manage inventory, reduce overstock

Manage Inventory and Reduce Overstock

Increase inventory turnover rates while reducing inventory holding costs by as much as 20%. Reduce supply lead time, lower reverse logistics costs, and increase sales with better product availability.

predict recurring purchases

Predict Recurring Purchases

Anticipate seasonal and nuanced demand patterns. Understand the buying trends of current and future customers. Predict which products your customers are likely to buy and to buy repeatedly.

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