Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Customer Winback

Re-engage inactive customers and recapture lost revenue.

develop winback campaign strategy

Develop Winback Campaign Strategy

Shape and execute your winback strategy with the power of predictive analytics. Reach the right audience with the right message on the right platform. Drive former customers to re-engage with your brand.

create audience segmentation

Predict Customer Interest

Segment your customers based on predictive interests.  Win back customers by predicting what they will be interested in next.  Promote offers and incentives that renew customer activity and engagement.  

execute communications

Predict Customer Communications

Analyze your customer base and know what message is going to drive renewed interest and purchase behavior. 

empower customer success teams

Empower Customer Success Teams

Leverage predictive analytics to provide customer success teams insights into what customers may do in the future. Help these teams lower churn through greater customer engagement.

improve retargeting campaigns

Improve Retargeting Campaigns

Inform effective site, email, CRM, and sales retargeting initiatives with accurate predictions about customer behavior. Feed audiences directly into your MMP, DSP, CDP, or other systems to ensure your campaigns reach the right audiences.

drive customer retention

Drive Customer Retention and LTV

Propel higher customer lifetime value from the beginning of your customers’ relationship with your brand. Quickly identify who will become your most valuable customers and create proactive strategies to strengthen their engagement.

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