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Pecan is a partner with the world's largest ad and data platforms. Recognizing our expertise, service quality, and Pecan’s business impact, these companies work closely with us to assist customers on their AI journey. Our customers benefit from our close collaboration with internal experts at these partners and our rapid implementation of their innovations.

Enterprise and Cloud Partners

Pecan is a Microsoft partner, and our platform uses Azure components for infrastructure, automation, data storage, and visualization via integration of Power BI. Microsoft’s innovations and investments in AI help us offer our customers cutting-edge technology.

Read more about our participation in the Microsoft for Startups program.


“Pecan’s mission is to address an unresolved problem in one of the fastest-growing segments of customer-facing and supply-chain-reliant industries and is a great fit for the [Microsoft for Startups] program. We look forward to helping Pecan deliver their innovative solution to our joint customers.”

With over 9,000 companies relying on their data platform, Databricks is a leader in supporting data-driven organizations in achieving their goals. Pecan is one of few AI providers to become a Databricks Technology Partner, and is built on Databricks’ state-of-the-art platform for optimal performance and reliability.


Pecan’s partnership with AWS helps us maximize advanced data storage and computing resources for AWS customers. AWS’ globe-spanning, scalable resources power up Pecan’s AI services worldwide.

Ad Tech Partners

As a Google Partner, we are skilled in helping marketers make the biggest impact with their Google Ads campaigns by leveraging their data and powerful predictive analytics.


With proven TikTok experience, Pecan can support marketers who want to use AI to better measure and optimize their ad campaigns on this dynamic platform.

Pecan's Predictive GenAI drives business growth.