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Predictive Campaign ROAS

Invest more? Invest less? Don’t guess. Act fast. Predict ROAS early in the campaign lifecycle and focus your campaigns on driving your highest-value audiences.

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Predict Customer LTV and Drive Higher ROAS

Discover a campaign’s total value and likely return on ad spend (ROAS) early by predicting and aggregating customer lifetime value. Within 24 to 48 hours after campaign launch, predict the future value of a campaign – one, three, six, or more months out.

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Accelerate ROAS Goals

Use fast-turnaround predictions to see if a campaign will meet your goals. Don’t wait a week – or longer – to make decisions. Move quickly to adjust campaigns to maximize revenue or generate new customers. Avoid wasting limited time and resources on campaigns that never deliver results.

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Put Your Money Where the ROAS Will Be

Reduce customer acquisition costs and drive a higher return with smarter spending on campaigns. Dig into hyper-granular predictions and aggregate them in useful ways to not only understand how your campaigns will perform, but also what will drive their performance.

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Break Free From Ad Platforms’ Limitations

Ad platforms emphasize short-term behavior. With predictive analytics, anticipate longer-term results by predicting campaign ROAS. Invest more in campaigns that will drive long-term value, and avoid over-investing in those that don’t produce high-value customers.

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Create a Better Campaign Roadmap

Stop guessing how campaigns will perform. Know what will happen with predictive analytics, and confidently share vital information about the future with stakeholders. Extend the life of your campaign with predictive insights that deliver value. 

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Bring Meaningful Predictive Insights to Multiple Teams

Bring the power of AI into your team for trustworthy predictive insights tied to your KPIs. Stop hoping for “actionable” insights. Instead, predict important outcomes that address your team’s critical goals. Additionally, predict short-, medium-, and long-term lifetime value to inform decision-making and strategy across marketing, finance, and other departments.

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