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Measurement and Campaign Optimization Using SKAN

SKAdNetwork may have changed the rules of the game, but mobile marketers can still win. Achieve your iOS user acquisition goals with the help of machine learning. Regain understanding of user activity at a granular level. Then, take informed action on your campaigns, guided by reliable predictions.

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Restore Visibility into Channel ROI

Not sure about marketing channels’ performance post-SKAN? Predictive modeling can help restore your understanding of users and boost your outcomes across all platforms.

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Optimize Campaigns Quickly

Unlock pLTV predictions after Day 1 with machine learning. Reclaim the ability to predict ROAS on the campaign level and optimize campaigns rapidly.

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Foresee Marketing ROI

Even with limited information, machine learning algorithms can predict iOS campaigns’ lifetime value (pLTV). Combining predictive and descriptive information, user-level signals are translated to the campaign level to maximize ROI under iOS constraints. Focus your resources on the campaigns that create real ROI over the long term.

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Define Segments for Conversion Schema

Use Pecan’s models to predict lifetime value and generate iOS user segments that suit your goals. Then, update your conversion schema with predictive events based on these segments so ad platforms can better acquire your most-wanted users.

identify upsell & cross-sell opportunities

Integrate Predictions Easily

Make your predictive strategy seamless with our pre-built data connectors. Send predictive signals about iOS users straight into your MMP and/or integrate them into your SKAN conversion schema.

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Implement AI for All Platforms

Improve outcomes across all your platforms and ad networks, including Google, Facebook, and TikTok. Use this future-focused predictive solution to boost campaign performance across the board.

It’s time to plug your organization into the future

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