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Predictive Analytics for Customer Churn

Every year, businesses lose roughly $1.6 trillion to customer churn. In some industries, up to a quarter of customers churn each year. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.
predict churn

Predict Churn

Detect up to 85% of your customers who are about to churn. Pecan AI’s predictive models analyze thousands of datapoints to uncover unique factors that influence customer behavior. Build accurate predictive models in days to proactively improve retention and drive customer lifetime value.
improve customer retention

Improve Customer Retention

Fortune 500 companies, data-driven SMBs, and ambitious startups have seen their customer retention increase up to 20% and revenues grow up to 35% by adding predictive churn modeling into their everyday decision making process.
customer level predictions

Customer Level Predictions

Customer and user level predictions reveal the warning signs of customer churn that are invisible to the naked eye. Enable your teams to plan more personalized campaigns and communications about new products, services or offers.
transparent solutions

Transparent Solution

Pecan AI offers complete transparency down to the user level. Immediately see why a specific customer may churn on day 30, 45, or 180. Experimenting with different churn definitions and horizons is as easy as refreshing your browser.

increase capacity

Increase Capacity

Augment your team with Pecan AI. Build predictive churn models in days. Significantly decrease the time and cost of turning your customer data into highly accurate predictive models and start improving your customer experience today!

automated workflows

Automated Workflows

Take immediate action with automated workflows. Feed predictions directly into your customer relationship management, marketing automation, and other systems of record to activate campaigns and drive ROI.

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Fully Managed
We build and maintain the models for you

We build and provide the initial models and your internal team continues the development

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