We are Pecan.ai

Meet the future of predictive analytics

Our AI platform helps business intelligence, operations, and revenue teams predict mission-critical outcomes

Pecan’s founders met on the first day of grad school, while both were pursuing PhDs in computational neuroscience. Ever since, they’ve been working shoulder to shoulder. As the months progressed and they studied modern advancements in AI as well as automation of data mining and statistical processes, they saw an opportunity.

Zohar had completed another doctorate in the history and philosophy of science, while Noam had spent time as a data analyst building his business-oriented analytics skills. Noam was enamored with data science, but was shocked to see that in modern business practice this superpower was typically a specialized task force rather than in the hands of anyone with a question about the future.

“Maybe we can build a platform taking the power of data science and serve it to the BI audience in a SQL-oriented platform?” This democratization of data science remains the north star of our vision. Since then, the founders have gathered an impressive team of industry veterans looking to take on the unprecedented opportunities and challenges in the field of business AI.

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