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Marketing Mix Modeling

Don’t settle for an incomplete understanding of your marketing performance. Plan marketing spend and predict ROAS with marketing mix modeling (MMM). Use our machine learning-based MMM to allocate your budget efficiently. MMM completes a well-rounded marketing measurement strategy.

sku level predictions

Optimize & Predict Marketing Performance

Generate a 25% increase in performance across your marketing mix with AI-powered insights. Maximize your budgets and shape your strategy with marketing mix modeling.

improve monetization flow

Improve Campaign Performance

Predict your channels’ performance so you can refine your channel mix and budget allocation. Know which channels will drive the highest future value and take immediate action. Pecan’s action-oriented MMM solution makes it easy to improve results.

increase capacity

Marketing Mix Modeling in Minutes

Automated data preparation, modeling, and production mean Pecan can simply connect to your data source and start analyzing your marketing efficiency. Generate predictive insights across multiple dimensions in a fraction of the time. Understand how marketing and non-marketing variables impact channel performance.

predict customer relationships

Offline and Online Channel Prediction

Quickly obtain a holistic perspective of cross-channel marketing initiatives. Examine the ROAS of different channels in easy-to-use, interactive dashboards. Define segments and predict their contribution in the ways most meaningful for your business.

overcome skadnetwork limitations

Move Beyond the Click

Move beyond click-path analysis and understand the true incremental contribution of a media channel. Complement other marketing measurement strategies to get a complete predictive picture of your marketing outcomes.

manage inventory and reduce overstock

Turn Reactive into Proactive

Use simulation tools to test what-if scenarios with your budget allocation. See where, when, and how much to spend to generate higher ROAS from your marketing efforts. Optimize your budget within real-world constraints.

It’s time to plug your organization into the future

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