Optimize your marketing by predicting customers' future with AI

Our automated AI provides actionable predictions of customer activity, proven to guide business decisions for better results. Fast, simple integration with your existing tech.

Predict churn, LTV, and more
Use resources efficiently
No data scientists or coding
Messy data OK
Trusted by teams at

Guidance from start to finish on your AI journey

No data scientists, engineering, or coding skills required

Use your existing customer and transaction data and current tech stack

Our automation gets your data ready for AI, even if it’s messy

Actionable predictive guidance for marketing decisions

Measure and simulate all channels’ impact with marketing mix modeling

Invest efficiently by predicting customer lifetime value from every campaign

Optimize campaigns with ML-generated predictive events

Keep your customers and business growing with future-proof modeling

Don’t waste marketing spend or miss growth opportunities

Build proactive, cost-effective strategy based on what will happen in the future

Make decisions fast with better information about customers’ future, even if data availability changes

Transforming data analysts into AI analysts

Level up your team’s skills and impact with machine learning. Start your team’s AI journey today.

Zero data engineering
No data scientists needed
Coding optional
Trusted by teams at

A rear-view mirror isn’t enough to drive growth today

Get proactive with predictive analytics, instead of focusing on the past with BI

Predict customer lifetime value, churn, upsell/cross-sell, and more with our ready-built model templates

Build proactive, cost-effective strategy based on understanding the future

The detailed predictions you need, without the heavy lifting

Automated data prep and feature engineering get your data ready for AI with ease

Model building, evaluation, deployment, and monitoring are all handled behind the scenes

View predictions in easy-to-use, intuitive dashboards, or send to your BI tools or business systems for seamless integration

Partnered with the largest ad tech and data platforms
“We improved forecast accuracy in our seasonal business, and we have a deeper understanding of the variables that may influence a consumer demand signal.”
“Pecan allows us to be more profitable and invest better. We are definitely able to buy smarter than we used to, and it's becoming a competitive edge.”
"Pecan’s predictions informed our marketing efforts, helping us reach out to the right customers and allocate spend in the right places. The models were accurate in identifying which customers would more likely respond to our offers and make new purchases."
"The platform is very simple and easy to use. All I have to do is check or uncheck specific variables I want to include in the modeling process. If I need to bring in more data and build more datasets and connections, I can do that easily."
"The pLTV modeling allowed us to explore and test campaigns with machine learning targeting options. Our next step is to reproduce and use this approach on a larger scale, hopefully across all our campaigns."


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How long does it take to build models with Pecan?
Can I trust automated predictive analytics?
How does Pecan handle automated data preparation and feature engineering?
How does Pecan choose the best machine learning algorithm?

Enterprise-level security for all

Pecan takes privacy and security seriously.
Securing your data and adhering to compliance are our top priorities.