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Banking & Finance

A bank increased fraud detection by 50% at a fraction of cost and time


Gaming & Mobile Apps

A gaming platform identified 30% more big spenders



A global beverage manufacturer saw 94% accuracy


Retail Ecommerce

A leading global retailer saw their Next Best Offer conversions increase by 7%


Give any analyst the power of AI

The pressure is on to get value from big data, yet AI and data science projects can be notoriously slow, expensive to manage, and produce nebulous results.

Pecan was purpose-built to break this trend. The Pecan platform automates data preparation, neural net construction, feature engineering and other machine learning processes to transform your raw data into actionable predictions in the shortest time possible. Best of all—Pecan requires no coding or data prep, and is usable by any analyst.

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The future of analytics is predictive

Get to insights 10x faster

With a predictive analytics platform, automate the heavy lifting of data prep and machine learning and get predictions in days—not weeks.

See savings, revenue, risks—before they happen

Whether predicting risk assessment or identifying Next Best Offer targets, predictive lets you be proactive when it comes to saving and making money.

Profitable AI

Adopt AI that's more than smoke and mirrors. Predictive is the most concrete way to use machine learning to make your business more efficient and more profitable.

“With the Pecan platform, we are able to build models in literally days, without having to deal with data preparation or machine learning algorithms.”

—Roy Zoaretz, CTO, Publicis IL

"Pecan in a matter of days simply transforms your raw data into state of the art predictive tool"

Haim Piratinskiy, Founding Partner at Siemens Dynamo (OTCMKTS: SIEGY)

“Predictive analytics is marching towards automation and I believe Pecan has built a great product to be there when the march is over. The Pecan platform enables business analysts to reduce the complexity of building and deploying predictive models and will help transform the way data science projects are executed.”

Eran Abikhzer-Agam, VP Data Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR)

"Prediction is just the logical evolution of big data. If that is true, it's simply not scaleable enough to work months on every new model. This is where Pecan brings the magic, cutting development time from months to days. You really don't have to use prediction in order to know that this is the way to go"

Assaf Shahaf, Head of BI, Appsflyer

“The Pecan platform was able to build models from raw and broken data in days. A task that would take a team of data scientists months”

Maayan Ekstein, Konnect, Volkswagen group

Your data speaks to you - it's time you listen

Plug your raw data into Pecan’s self-wiring deep neural nets and unravel business and operational insights hidden in your data

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