Foresight is the best insight

Predictive Analytics Software that Solves Critical Business Problems
for Revenue-Driving and Operations Teams
machine learning predicts the future
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Improve customer experience, accelerate sales, and optimize supply chain

Gain foresight into the metrics that matter most to your team to craft strategies that aren’t just data-driven, but future-driven. From demand forecasting to churn and conversion modeling, Pecan’s predictive analytics insights inform customer acquisition and retention tactics, pricing and packaging, resource planning, and production and distribution.

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Actionable AI-powered
predictions in days

Don’t miss out on growth or cost-saving opportunities for months while data scientists code models from scratch. Boost your KPIs in two weeks with accurate, AI-driven predictions. Put your data to work faster – to solve your challenges, respond to changing conditions, and uncover hidden opportunities.

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No data scientists? No problem.

Avoid the cost and commitment of hiring data scientists who may struggle to deliver real business value. Let your planners and analysts use their analytics acumen and SQL skills on real AI, building sophisticated predictive analytics models through powerful automated processes.

Drag-and-drop model building

Unleash the power of AI without the code. Drag and drop your raw data and let automated data prep and model building do the heavy lifting. As you ingest more data, we’ll keep your models up-to-date to improve their accuracy.

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Ready-made connectors that work with your stack

Access your data wherever it lives. Stay in command of your data with secure modeling in the cloud. Use our dashboards to understand and act on your predictions, or integrate Pecan’s predictions into your workflows for maximum effect.

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