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Top 7 AI Marketing Platforms of 2023

Discover the top 7 AI marketing platforms for optimizing marketing and improving CX. Find the perfect AI marketing platform for your business.

In a nutshell:

AI-powered platforms are the new rage, with 91 percent of Fortune 500 companies looking to incorporate AI into their business strategies. Businesses that can successfully do so will gain significant competitive advantages. As a result, AI marketing platforms have grown significantly over the last few years.

In this article, we'll discuss what AI marketing platforms are, why your organization will benefit from using one, and the top seven platforms available today.

What is an AI marketing platform?

AI marketing platforms are comprehensive software solutions that use artificial intelligence to optimize and automate marketing tasks. While they can vary in core functions, they're generally able to offer a wide range of marketing solutions. Such tasks include social media management, performance analytics, audience targeting, and content optimization. 

They differ slightly from AI marketing tools, which generally focus on particular aspects of marketing and provide specialized functionalities.

Here are a few key features of AI marketing platforms to take note of:

1. Data analysis

AI platforms are known for their ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data to get insight into customer behavior. This helps businesses to better predict how their customers would like to be served and what marketing strategies will offer the greatest ROI.

2. Personalization

A common feature most AI marketing platforms share is their ability to create highly personalized marketing campaigns, leading to better engagement and returns.

3. Automation

AI helps automate repetitive work. This frees up time for employees to work on more valuable tasks.

4. Predictive analysis

These platforms use predictive algorithms to forecast future market trends and customer behavior. This helps your business to better prepare for changes and provide relevant offers to your customers.

Benefits of using an AI marketing platform

Here are five advantages organizations can get from using AI marketing software:

 Image showing the advantages of using an AI marketing platform

1. Enhanced customer insight

AI platforms have the advantage of being able to analyze large amounts of customer data in a short amount of time. This allows organizations to understand their customers better. As a result, they’re able to make informed decisions and enhance their customer’s experience.

Platforms such as Pecan AI make it easy for businesses to analyze and predict future trends. This increases customer satisfaction and improves profitability.

2. Personalized marketing solutions

It’s hard to get potential customers to stop and pay attention to your ads. Well, except when the ad is tailored to each customer. This is why AI marketing software shines, enabling businesses to create highly targeted and personalized marketing solutions. The impact of AI on marketing is so significant that 54.5% of marketing experts believe it'll enhance their marketing efforts.

3. Improved efficiency

People get tired, stressed, and make mistakes. With AI, this is no longer a challenge. Since AI helps make human-like decisions by analyzing large amounts of data, these marketing platforms offer greater efficiency than humans. 

This isn't just heresy. Current stats show that inadequate marketing automation and AI adoption may cause up to a 40 percent decrease in efficiency.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Organizations waste millions of dollars each year, working on repetitive tasks such as customer segmentation and campaign management. AI helps automate these tasks, therefore saving businesses time and labor costs. This allows for better allocation of resources.

Another way in which they improve cost-effectiveness is by automatically optimizing ad campaigns, ensuring that better-performing ones are allocated higher budgets and vice versa.

5. Scalability

AI platforms help businesses process and analyze vast amounts of data efficiently. The size and growth of your business are rarely a limiting factor for AI. As a result, you can be assured that these platforms can easily adapt to your changing needs without significant increases in human resources. 88% of marketers believe their organization must increase its AI adoption to meet customer expectations and stay competitive.

Top 7 AI marketing platforms of 2024

AI adoption has grown by over 250 percent from 2017 to 2022. Here are the top seven AI marketing platforms available in 2024.

7 best AI marketing platforms

1. Pecan

Pecan AI dashboard

Why Pecan

Pecan stands out for its advanced machine learning algorithms, which enable businesses to predict future trends. This makes it an asset for businesses aiming to remain competitive.

Key features

  • Predictive insights: Pecan helps you to accurately predict future customer behavior without diving deep into complex data
  • Targeted marketing: Improve your marketing ROI by getting the right messaging to the right audience at the right time
  • Smart campaigns: Pecan helps optimize your ad campaigns, enabling you to get the best results possible while saving you time and effort


Pecan integrates with popular platforms such as Snowflake, Hubspot, Salesforce, and many more.


  • Starter — $50/month
  • Professional — $280/month
  • Enterprise — custom


  • Accurate predictions: Make informed business decisions with reliable forecasting and valuable insights
  • Efficiency: Save time and resources with automated campaign optimization
  • User-friendly: Navigate the platform with ease, even without a technical background


  • Learning curve: Mastering the full potential of Pecan might require a bit of time, especially for users new to predictive analytics.

2. Adverity

Adverity dashboard

Why Adverity

Adverity helps simplify the complexity of data integration and provides businesses with clear, visual insights into customer behavior.

Key features

  • Data integration: Adverity enables you to combine data from various sources and social media platforms. This enables you to view all your marketing efforts in a unified dashboard
  • Visual reports: Confused about the squiggly lines and large numbers? Adverity helps transform intricate data points into easy-to-understand visuals
  • Real-time insights: Get real-time access to your campaign performance in real time


Adverity integrates with several popular software such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Semrush, and MailChimp.


  • Standard — $500/month
  • Professional — $2,000/month


  • Simplified data: Transform complex data into valuable insights without extensive experience with data science
  • Real-time monitoring: Stay updated on your campaign as it happens
  • Scalability: Scales to meet the changing needs of your business as it grows


  • Initial setup complexity
  • Limited advanced features

3. Braze

Braze dashboard

Why Braze

Braze excels at personalized messaging, helping your marketing team connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Key features

  • Behavioral segmentation: Helps to understand your audience's behavior and preferences, allowing for tailored communication that resonates
  • Multi-channel messaging: Reaches your customers through emails, in-app messages, blog posts, and more, ensuring that your message is where your audience is
  • Intelligent delivery: Optimizes message delivery times to increase open rates and engagement


Integrations include Extol,, and Crowdin.


  • Braze offers custom pricing plans.


  • Personalized engagement: Craft personalized messages to target individual customers, improving opening and engagement rates
  • Ease of use: Navigate the platform intuitively
  • High engagement rates: Reach your audience at the right time, increasing the likelihood of meaningful interactions


  • Limited built-in reporting

4. FullStory

Fullstory dashboard

Why FullStory

FullStory enables businesses to understand how users interact with their websites. It offers detailed insights to help you optimize the user experience.

Key features

  • Session playback: Watch real user sessions to understand the customer journey and pain points, allowing for strategic improvements
  • Heatmaps: FullStory helps businesses visualize their user interactions and highlight popular areas of interest
  • Conversion analysis: Identify user behavior patterns that lead to conversions, enabling targeted marketing efforts


Integrations include Zendesk, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and WordPress


  • Enterprise — custom 
  • Advanced — custom 
  • Business — custom


  • User behavior insights: Dive deep into how users interact with your site
  • User-friendly interface: Navigate the platform with ease
  • Great support: Count on responsive customer support to assist you whenever you need help


  • Steep learning curve


Albert AI dashboard


Albert AI autonomously manages your digital marketing tasks and optimizes campaign strategies. This enables marketers to focus on more valuable tasks.

Key features

  • Autonomous campaign management: Albert AI handles your campaigns from start to finish, ensuring they’re optimized for the best results 
  • Cross-channel integration: Seamlessly manage campaigns across multiple digital platforms
  • Predictive analysis: Leverage predictive insights to proactively adapt your strategies based on customer behavior


Integrations include Leadpresso, Instagram, and Facebook.


  • offers custom pricing plans


  • Fully autonomous
  • Proactive optimization
  • Real-time monitoring


  • Setup and training time

6. Klaviyo

Klaviyo dashboard

Why Klaviyo

Klaviyo makes email marketing a breeze by allowing businesses to engage customers effectively and drive conversions.

Key features

  • Email automation: Automate your email marketing campaigns based on customer behavior
  • Customer segmentation: Tailor your messages to specific audience groups to improve conversion strategy and customer engagement
  • Predictive analysis: Anticipate customer needs and optimize marketing strategies using predictive analysis


Integrations include Stripe, Upfluence, Zendesk, and WordPress.


  • Free — $0/month
  • Email- $45/month (1,001 — 1,500 contacts)
  • Email and SMS- $60/month (1,001 — 1,500 contacts)


  • Effortless automation
  • Robust A/B testing
  • E-commerce integration


  • Steep learning curve

7. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker dashboard

Why Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker simplifies Search Engine Optimization (SEO), allowing marketing teams to track keyword rankings and gain insights into their online visibility.

Key features

  • Keyword tracking: Keep an eye on your keyword rankings across search engines and improve your content strategy
  • Competitive intelligence: Compare your campaign performance with competitors, identifying opportunities and areas for improvement
  • Mobile rank tracking: Track your keyword rankings on mobile search results, catering to the ever-increasing mobile user base


Integrations include Dropbox and Google Drive.


  • Free — $0/month
  • Starter — $13.5/month
  • Pro — $89/month
  • Agency — $180/month


  • Accurate data
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited free plan features

Improve your marketing strategy with

While traditional marketing strategies remain relevant, AI platforms have transformed how we understand and engage with our customers. These platforms leverage advanced algorithms to enable sales teams to better understand their customers. Most importantly, they facilitate predictive analysis. This allows businesses to anticipate trends and customer needs. 

However, not all AI marketing platforms are created equal. If you’re looking for the perfect AI platform to help you improve forecast accuracy, reach the right customers, and increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns, start your free trial with Pecan today, or reach out for a guided tour.