Retail & Ecommerce

Predict and anticipate the ever-changing online shopper

The online retail market rapidly changing, and customers are actively looking for more engaging and personalized retail experiences. Brand loyalty is declining—but ecommerce companies can stay one step ahead of the fickle modern consumer with predictive analytics.


Don't lose your customers to another brand

Churn & retention are often easily anticipated

With a litany of factors to stay on top of in terms of monitoring customer engagement, too often a promotional email or social post can come too late. With automated feature engineering, learn the most critical behaviors of your most important customer segments so you can engage early, and retain your best customers.

VIP Customers

Maximize VIP customer LTV

Find and optimize around your most lucrative customer segments

For any retailer, lowering—and measuring—customer acquisition costs (CAC) is as important as measuring and optimizing the lifetime value of your most lucrative customer segments. Target and upsell to VIP customers with predictive analytics, and let AI continually optimize and identify more VIPs.


Learn how a fast-fashion retailer cut overstock by 50%

It’s time to plug your organization into the future