Boost Campaign Performance and Customer Lifetime Value With Predictive AI

March 1, 2023

Understanding how an ad campaign performs is crucial. Yet for 83% of marketers, showing ROI is a challenge, according to Pecan AI’s “State of Predictive Analytics in Marketing 2022” report.

The ability to predict how a campaign might perform could mean the difference between success and failure. With the right strategy, marketers can make accurate predictions and achieve better results.

Watch this Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by Pecan AI. Yehonathan Barnea, VP of Customer Success at Pecan Ai, and Neil Hoyne, Chief Strategist at Google, shared how leading companies are using AI to predict campaign performance with precision. You’ll hear real-world examples, and learn how to:

  • Address and overcome the current challenges in driving campaign performance
  • Integrate AI into your marketing process and make it a foundational element of your strategy
  • Confidently predict marketing success results (like return on ad spend) with predictive analytics

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