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Deep Dive: Actionable Predictive Analytics

Not convinced yet that predictive analytics can have powerful effects on your business outcomes? Hear it firsthand — and keep learning more.

Not convinced yet that predictive analytics can have powerful effects on your business outcomes? Hear it for yourself — and keep learning more with our resources.

Zohar Bronfman, Pecan’s CEO and co-founder, recently appeared on the Emerj AI podcast to discuss these issues with Emerj CEO and Head of Research Daniel Faggella.

In the episode, Zohar and Daniel discuss specific actions for leaders in insurance-related industries. These include improving their scoring and optimization methods and better serving high-value customers. Most importantly, they address the mindset shift leaders undergo when they adopt a future-focused predictive approach and begin defining business needs as predictive questions.

Those predictions and informed, proactive strategy based on them will directly impact their outcomes. Give the episode a listen here:

If you’re especially curious about how predictive analytics can support your upselling and cross-selling efforts, you’re in luck!

Check out two articles explaining why predictive analytics is such a powerful tool for achieving this business goal, and how predictions are generated to boost success. These methods are relevant for financial institutions and insurance firms but also for decision-makers and leaders in various industries.

If you’re particularly intrigued by using predictive analytics in financial services and insurance, get inspired with these articles:

Finally, read more about how Pecan has helped insurance customers achieve significant improvements in the customer experience.

It’s time to move beyond retrospective data analytics. Instead, use your data to identify patterns in customer behavior with machine learning-powered predictive models. Gain a competitive advantage by anticipating customers’ preferences and needs.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help you choose the right path forward with actionable predictive analytics, whatever industry you’re in. Get in touch with us today.