Convert, engage and retain every user

DTC products are booming. But as incumbent brands adopt subscription models for product lines, direct-to-consumer companies need to stay laser-focused on the immediate future with predictive analytics.


Retain subscribers by predicting behavior

Analyze user subscriptions to spot churn before it happens

Predictive analytics and automated machine learning excel at spotting patterns. When it comes to your subscriptions, there can be telltale signs a user is going to churn but specific to various industries and products. With retention, historical analysis by the human hand can be too late. Predictive analytics let you see and prevent churn before you lose valuable customers.


Maximize customer lifetime value

Set up models to run continuously, and find upsell opportunities

Keep your customers, and keep them happy. Set up lifetime value or upsell models to predict how to earn more revenue from every user, while maintaining clear guidelines with auto-prioritized features of what users need to stay with you.


Learn how a subscription-based bottled water service spotted and stopped membership churn

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