Predictive Analytics Software

Campaign Optimization With Machine Learning

Maximize campaign results with the power of machine learning. Transform your optimization strategy with AI-driven predictive events fueled by rich user and engagement data. Gain greater control over your campaign outcomes, and achieve your targets with confidence.

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Find the High-Value Users Your Competitors Miss

Your competitors using event data from day 7 or earlier won’t recognize the high-value users who convert later. With predictive events, optimize campaigns to reach those lower-cost, high-ROI users. Find the users you want faster, spend more efficiently, and achieve ROAS goals quickly.

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Overcome SKAdNetwork Limitations

Optimize your iOS user acquisition campaigns with Pecan AI. Enrich your descriptive events with predictive events generated by powerful machine learning into your SKAN conversion schema. Models built on day 1 data enable fast action based on campaigns’ progress.

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Help Ad Platforms Find the Right Audience

Ad platforms need strong signals to find ideal audiences. Enhance your descriptive events with future-informed predictive events. Send predictive events to marketing channels to optimize your campaigns to acquire the users you want most.

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Don’t Waste the Predictive Power of Your Existing Data

Pecan’s predictive algorithms use all the information available to generate accurate predictions about users’ future — not just short-term ROAS targets. Make the most of your user engagement and purchase data for effective optimization that moves you closer to your desired longer-term outcomes.

identify upsell & cross-sell opportunities

Define Your Own Predictive Signals

Predictive events can be flexibly created to reflect the events or metrics that matter most to you, such as pLTV or conversions. Partner with AI to achieve your goals.

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Bring AI to All Platforms

Put predictive events to work on all the platforms you use, including iOS, Android, and desktop, as well as ad networks including Google, Facebook, and TikTok. Use this future-focused solution to improve campaign performance across the board.

It’s time to plug your organization into the future

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