Drive Predictable Business Outcomes While Connecting with Consumers

On-Demand Webinar Covering CLTV and Predictive Analytics — and How to Outrun Your Competitors

The demand for predictive analytics is high. Marketers need to become more proactive and make data-driven decisions to connect with customers and drive better business outcomes. In fact, this need is driving an explosion of growth in data and connected devices, pushing the forecast for predictive analytics technologies from around $10B in 2021 to $28B by 2026. 

Join Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Strategist at Google, and Zohar Bronfman, CEO and co-founder of Pecan, to learn how marketers can leverage data to: 

  • Predict customer behaviors and preempt future events before they happen
  • Shift to proactive planning from reactive execution
  • Maximize customer value and engagement with AI
  • Optimize your marketing strategy.

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