Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Conversion Rate Modeling

Predict conversion rates and model which prospects have the highest likelihood of converting into a sales opportunity. Model conversion rate data with predictive analytics. 

audience segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Enhance audience segmentation strategies and ad targeting with predictive modeling. Identify prospects that closely resemble your best customers and drive more efficient customer acquisition initiatives.
conversion rate modeling

Conversion Rate Modeling

Driving higher conversion rates is easy with predictive analytics. Create models in days and feed predictions back to your ad agency, DMP, CDP, MMP, or marketing automation platform to drive campaign performance with highly qualified inbound traffic.
predictive lead scoring

Predictive Lead Scoring

Bring your sales and marketing teams together with predictive lead scoring. Confidently predict which leads are most likely to convert. Focus time and resources on high value opportunities to strategically drive higher average deal sizes while improving sales cycles.
cac payback

Drive Faster CAC Payback

Predict and prioritize inbound leads at the start of a new customer relationship. With predictive lead scoring you can Identify your most profitable customers earlier in the buyer journey and recoup customer acquisition cost in weeks not months.
integrations and data connectors

Seamless Integrations and Data Connectors

No spreadsheets or complicated routing rules required. Pecan AI offers an accessible, low-code platform that BI and data analysts can use to create, deploy, and predict higher value leads so you can focus time, align resources and close deals.

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Fully Managed
We build and maintain the models for you

We build and provide the initial models and your internal team continues the development

Self Service
Your team builds and maintains the models using the Pecan  platform from start to finish

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