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Choose the Right Optimization for Mobile Campaigns

If you’re a mobile marketer, these customized Facebook campaign optimization programs can help you better reach your audience. Learn how to choose the right one for your needs.

If you’re a seasoned user acquisition manager or run Facebook (Meta) campaigns, chances are you’re very familiar with MAI, AEO, and VO.

Does that sound like acronym soup to you? Don’t worry. Even if you’re just getting into the space, this article is still an excellent place to get acquainted with these terms.

These acronyms represent some essential Facebook campaign optimization programs that every mobile marketer needs to know. And now, with the help of AI and machine learning, you can not only analyze and optimize around MAI, AEO, and VO, but you can also predict these values.

Get to Know Campaign Optimization Options

Before we discuss using the predictive values for MAI, AEO, and VO, let’s dive into these acronyms.

  • MAI (Mobile App Installs): According to Meta, mobile app install programs are designed to get more people to download and engage with your application or mobile game. Statistics show that these users are usually very engaged in/with an application but don’t buy or engage with in-app purchases. These users are great for monetizing your application or mobile game via in-app advertising.
  • AEO (App Event Optimization): Again, according to Meta, app event optimization programs allow you to optimize your ad delivery based on specific in-app events. Establishing standard events and custom events for this optimization program is ideal. Once established, Facebook will develop look-alike audiences and find more users likely to perform the same action. In most cases, the action relates to in-app purchases.
  • VO (Value Optimization): Value optimization focuses on finding the highest-value users for your application or mobile game. This type of optimization program has seen several challenges, especially with the introduction of iOS 14 and the limitations of SKAdNetwork.

Using AI and Machine Learning for MAI, AEO, and VO Optimization

In most cases, app owners and game developers choose value optimization programs. That’s because this approach drives a higher return on ad spend (ROAS). The higher return makes perfect sense. That’s because the ad auctions are geared towards delivering installs, users, or players more likely to buy and transact within the app.

However, by leveraging predictive analytics, app owners and mobile game developers can predict the future value of each user who installs your app. That’s a very different viewpoint from examining the cost of the install or the present value of the served impression.

Looking at your user base from a future-value perspective gives you a clearer picture of the lifetime value of your users. With this foresight, you can create longer-term revenue, profitability, and a stickier application, game, or platform.

Predictive analytics uses custom event optimization (CEO) and outperforms value optimization in Pecan AI’s rigorous tests with numerous customers. For example, in a recent virtual event, Pecan AI experts discussed one remarkable use of CEO with predictive analytics. Specifically, a mobile app customer achieved a 279% lift in conversion and a 64% lift in sales when using the pLTV CEO schema instead of value optimization.

value optimization vs pltv custom event optimization

Value Optimization vs. Pecan AI pLTV Custom Event Optimization

Overall, it’s always important to take a data-driven approach when it comes to the “best” Facebook (Meta) optimization program for UA managers. Focus on the goals and objectives that will drive long-term profitability for your business. Once you establish these priorities, you can assign an optimization schema that’s best for your app.

Working with Pecan AI and predicting and optimizing around customer lifetime value has proven itself to be a successful optimization method. As a result, many UA managers now embed predictive analytics in their campaign approach.

If you’re looking to get started in predictive analytics, we created a helpful guide. The guide leads you and other stakeholders through gathering information and making decisions about your data-driven strategy. We’ve also got a fantastic on-demand conversation with some top mobile marketers who have achieved great success with predictive analytics.

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