How Predictive Analytics Drives Mobile Conversions & Boosts Revenue

The mobile gaming market has faced many new challenges in the past two years which have led marketing teams to shift models, both in terms of resource allocation and marketing strategy. In this new landscape, maximizing user retention is best achieved through predictive analytics: a data-focused, forward-looking and proactive approach to marketing. Pecan has worked with Google, SciPlay, Meta, and more to help game developers use predictive analytics to drive mobile conversions, grow revenue, and track and predict future performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Significant changes have occurred in the gaming market in the past two years, including an explosion of growth in 2020.
  • With predictive analytics, advertisers can utilize their own data to improve acquisition campaign efficiency.
  • Pecan automates the entire “AI lifecycle” for predictive analytics in a matter of hours.

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