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ChatGPT Your Analytics

From the initial ideation of a campaign to measurement and reporting, AI can streamline workflows and automate tasks, freeing up time.

Over the past few months, like many others, I’ve been thoroughly testing ChatGPT’s capabilities in various applications, from creating ad copy to proofreading blogs. I’ve even created a few blogs with the service. I’m certainly not alone in being impressed by its versatility and how it has become a part of my workflow in developing and testing new ad campaigns and creatives.

Overall, ChatGPT’s technology is impressive and has helped cut out many mundane and repetitive tasks that I often have to take on. It also helps me overcome writer’s block. In addition, its natural language processing (NLP) capabilities are a great asset in generating content from simple prompts.

While it’s important to note that the effectiveness of any AI technology depends on several factors, including the quality and quantity of the data it’s trained on, ChatGPT is an exceptional tool that has saved me time and effort in many tasks.

As someone who works for Pecan AI, I see many fundamental principles in our work that overlap with ChatGPT and the generative AI space. The underlying processes are similar in some ways and also provide impressive benefits to users.

example of predictive question for campaign roas

The ability of AI tools to anticipate the future provides invaluable insights for business teams.

Creating an AI Framework for Success

At Pecan, we’ve created an “Ask. Predict. Act.” modeling framework to guide users through effectively using our platform and impacting the KPIs they want to analyze and predict. For example, when a user engages with Pecan’s Ask. Predict. Act. framework, they first have to clearly understand what they want the AI to do and how they wish to use the result or output. Similarly, ChatGPT requires the user to provide clear prompts to generate the desired content.

Defining the goals of AI, measuring results, and automating workflows are crucial steps for teams using AI. These steps are necessary to make data-driven decisions about campaigns after getting predictions with just a few clicks. But this process begins with a successful framework that allows all teams to adopt AI.

One practical framework for integrating AI into the marketing workflow is the Ask. Predict. Act. method developed by Pecan AI. This framework is designed to keep teams focused on the desired outcomes of AI and ensure that AI is being used to its full potential.


Pecan’s Ask. Predict. Act. framework makes using AI a straightforward three-step process.

The Ask. Predict. Act. framework is a three-step process designed to help teams effectively integrate AI into their marketing workflow:

Ask: In this phase, teams define their goals and objectives for using AI in their marketing efforts. This task could involve identifying the problems they want AI to solve or the outcomes they want to achieve. Teams should also determine the data and information they need to achieve their goals.

With Pecan: Pecan’s platform offers a predictive question feature that helps users define their business problem and identify the relevant data needed to answer the question. The predictive question is customizable and provides a solution-oriented approach to predictive modeling.


Predictive questions define the problem clearly, assist in connecting to relevant data, and provide actionable predictions.

Predict: In this phase, teams use predictive analytics to analyze the data gathered in the Ask phase. With an automated platform like Pecan, cleaning and preparing the data, choosing the right AI algorithms, and training the AI model are all handled behind the scenes. This phase aims to generate meaningful insights and predictions that can inform marketing decisions.

With Pecan: Once the predictive question has been defined, Pecan’s automated platform carries out the predictive modeling process. Then, the platform generates predictions that can be used to optimize various aspects of the business, such as identifying customers who are likely to churn or predicting their lifetime value.

table of data and predictions of customer lifetime value

Pecan’s platform can predict customer lifetime value, among other solutions.

Act: In this phase, teams use the insights and predictions generated by AI to make data-driven decisions and take action. This process may involve modifying existing campaigns, creating new campaigns, or adjusting the data and algorithms used by AI. 

Teams should also continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of AI, making adjustments as needed to ensure they are achieving their desired outcomes. (Again, an automated platform like Pecan can deal with these ongoing monitoring and adjustment steps so humans can focus on taking meaningful, creative action in their marketing efforts.)

With Pecan: With Pecan’s integrations, users can easily incorporate their predictions into their existing workflows. This seamless process streamlines the effort of optimizing advertising campaigns, personalizing customer experiences, and improving overall business performance. Pecan AI integrates with popular platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Salesforce, and more, making it easy for users to work with the tools they are already familiar with.

visual of pecan platform's integrations with other software tools

Pecan offers integrations with many popular business applications.

AI as a Partner in Success

AI should not be viewed as a standalone feature or bolt-on function but as an integral part of marketing. From the initial ideation of a campaign to measurement and reporting, AI can streamline the workflow and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for marketers to focus on more strategic initiatives, thoughtful content, or creative ad campaigns.

Pecan AI enables users to focus on high-value work by removing the heavy modeling process and generating predictive outcomes. With the platform’s predictive question, AI modeling, and integrations, users can quickly and easily optimize their business strategies and achieve their goals.

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