Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Gaming & Mobile Apps

Level up your application with predictive analytics.
optimize user acquisition

Optimize Your User Acquisition Strategy

Optimize your marketing campaign for installs, events, and value. Drive ROAS with predictive analytics. Customize your conversion scheme to drive more users and revenue for your application.
vip customers

Create Better Look-alike Audiences

Leverage predictive audience building to create look-alike audiences that look like your top VIP customers. Deliver higher value in a shorter time with Pecan AI.
improve data management

Improve Your Monetization Flow

Monetize your audience and your app more efficiently with predictive analytics. Predict in-app purchases. Optimize your user experience and ad placements within your app or mobile game.
maximize user retention

Maximize User Retention

Increase user engagement while cutting user churn in half in just days with Pecan AI. Less churn with higher spend per user = fast ROI.
grow engage vip users

Grow and Engage VIP Users at Every Touchpoint

Identify more “high rollers” or VIP users and track their journeys. Create exclusive offers that drive engagement and in-app purchases.
overcome skadnetwork limitations

Overcome SKAdNetwork Limitations

Make the most of your iOS user acquisition campaigns with Pecan AI. Predict the future value of your marketing campaigns using powerful AI and machine learning in your SKAN conversion schema.

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Fully Managed
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We build and provide the initial models and your internal team continues the development

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