Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Customer Lifetime Value

With the help of AI, it’s now possible to predict customer lifetime value right at the start of any new customer relationship. Identify your most profitable customers earlier in the customer journey.
predict customer lifetime value

Predict Customer Lifetime Value

Pecan AI offers marketing, customer success, and loyalty teams the ability to uncover individual customer trends and future buying behavior. Predict customer lifetime value, forecast upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and improve retention strategies.
customer satisfaction and loyalty

Drive Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Understand which customers will be your greatest assets during their relationship with your business. Implement proactive strategies that improve upsell and retention strategies, while increasing revenue and margins.

drive kpis

Anticipate Needs. Drive KPIs.

Understand the long-term potential of your customers and prospects. Align resources, plan highly personalized promotions, create experiences that your customer will love. Anticipate your customers’ needs and exceed your most critical KPIs.

vip customers

Enhance Relationships With Your VIP Customers

Quickly identify VIP customers earlier in the buyer journey to enhance customer service and drive higher loyalty. Immediately and proactively build your business’s relationships with VIPs through personalized outreach, special deals or exclusive offers and opportunities.
look alike modeling

Scale Customer Base with Look-Alike Modeling

Attract more of your best customers with look-alike modeling. Plug pLTV audiences into your MMP, DSP, or social media platforms to create audience segments that look like your most valuable customers. Reach your most valuable audiences & exceed campaign goals across all ad channels and mediums.

no problem

No Spreadsheets, No Data Science, No Problem.

No spreadsheets or complicated LTV formulas needed. Pecan AI offers an accessible platform that BI and data analysts can use to create, deploy, and monitor LTV models. Augment your data teams’ capacity with easy-to-use software that’s tailored for business impact through explainable models and predictions.

It’s time to plug your organization into the future

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