Predicting Loyalty & Retention with AI

In a recent Gartner report, “Roughly 90% of marketing executives stated that, ‘… The marketing function needs to be more adaptive to shifts in customer needs.’”

Today, shifting your focus to the needs of the customer can prove to be a burdensome endeavor and a drain on resources, without the right analytics framework in place.

Join speakers Annette Franz, CEO of CX Journey, and Paul Cowman, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Pecan AI, in this on-demand event. They discuss how with the help of AI and machine learning, businesses of all sizes are now able to leverage advanced analytics to not only adapt to customer shifts but also to predict behavioral changes that can help win and retain customers.

Watch the on-demand event to learn more about:

  • Current trends in CX
  • How predictive intelligence supports CX, EX and the business
  • Overcoming churn and driving loyalty in 2023

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