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Pecan Wins 2023 Data Breakthrough Awards for Marketing Solution

Pecan AI today announced that it has been named the “Marketing Solution Provider of the Year” in the 2023 Data Breakthrough Awards.

Highly competitive awards program highlights top companies and products helping organizations realize the value of their data

NEW YORK & TEL AVIV – April 13, 2023 – Pecan AI today announced that it has been named the “Marketing Solution Provider of the Year” by the Data Breakthrough Awards, a leading market intelligence platform for leadership and innovation in the global data technology market. Pecan was recognized for its AI-driven, low-code platform that empowers marketers with easy-to-use, impactful predictive analytics capabilities.

Over 2,500 entrants competed in the fourth annual Data Breakthrough Awards program. These awards recognize global data technology innovators and leaders in categories that include Data Analytics, Big Data, Data Management, and more. Entries are judged by an independent panel of experts representing technical, business, academic, and marketing expertise

Pecan’s AI-powered marketing solutions include:

  • Marketing mix modeling: Understand and predict the ROI of marketing efforts across all channels, offline and online
  • Predictive campaign ROAS: Anticipate the likely return on spend of specific campaigns and enable smarter spending decisions
  • Campaign optimization: Optimize campaigns with predictive signals to help platforms and networks find high-value customers 
  • Measurement and optimization with SKAdNetwork: Regain visibility into iOS user activity and improve mobile campaign optimization
  • Churn and winback: Predict churn and identify winback opportunities to drive proactive customer retention efforts

Typically, predictive models for these use cases have required specialized, expensive data science resources. Instead, Pecan’s platform automates the most time-consuming, technically challenging elements of predictive modeling, such as cleaning and preparing raw data, engineering new features, and building and evaluating predictive models for specific customer-journey use cases. The platform also monitors for drift and leakage, improving models over time. These processes use the latest innovations in automated data preparation and AutoML, bringing customers sophisticated, accurate AI capabilities with none of the development challenges.

Our experience with marketing teams across industries has shown that they rarely have the agile, responsive access to data science capabilities they need in today’s fast-changing conditions. This recognition reflects our dedication to providing marketers an accessible, action-oriented predictive analytics solution that helps them achieve critical outcomes with fast time-to-market.
Zohar Bronfman, co-founder and CEO of Pecan AI

Pecan has helped improve marketing outcomes for teams in various industries. For example, Pecan worked with the second largest U.S. company in its industry — with nearly 20M customers and a marketing budget of over $1B — to build a marketing mix model that maximized the company’s budget allocations. With Pecan’s MMM solution, the company identified over $100M in overspending in national channels and over $200M in potential savings through reduction or reallocation, resulting in improved inbound marketing results. In short, this customer was able to obtain better results with less money — an outcome any marketer can appreciate.

With over a billion predictions generated, affecting billions in revenue, Pecan is a powerful, intuitive solution for maximizing business outcomes with AI. To learn more about Pecan AI, visit our website, request a demo, try a free trial, or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Pecan AI

Founded in 2018, Pecan is a low-code predictive analytics platform that makes predictive modeling accessible to business teams without hiring data scientists. With Pecan, companies can use customer and transaction data to accurately predict customer behavior, refine marketing budget allocations, optimize marketing campaigns, and other business outcomes. Pecan automates data preparation, model building, and deployment in a user-friendly interface. Analysts can easily modify models for new business questions and changing market conditions. With thousands of models deployed in production, Pecan is now generating over 30 million daily predictions impacting billions of dollars in revenue for customers of all sizes in fintech, insurance, retail, consumer packaged goods, mobile apps, and consumer services. Learn more at

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