Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Retail & Ecommerce

In-store or online, stay one step ahead of the customer with predictive analytics
predict buyer behavior

Predict Buyer Behavior

Know where customers are in their buying journeys. Deliver engaging and personalized experiences that drive sales and revenue.
create value buying segments

Create Valuable Buying Segments

Predict who will become your most valuable customers and create look-alike audiences at scale. Build accurate models with millions of rows of data in days with Pecan AI.
increase share

Increase Share of Wallet and Market Share

Forecast customer demand and create predictive models that drive higher AOV. Outrank your competitors and turn increased share of wallet into a higher market share.
drive repeat purchases

Drive Repeat Purchases

Plan for seasonal demand patterns. Understand the buying habits of current and future customers. Predict which products your customers are likely to buy and influence repeat purchases.
strengthen customer loyalty

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Predict the future value of any new customer relationship. Anticipate customers’ desires and develop personalized messages to drive lifetime value and retention while lowering CAC.
manage inventory, reduce overstock

Manage Inventory and Reduce Overstock

Increase inventory turnover rates while reducing inventory holding costs by as much as 20%. Reduce supply lead time, lower reverse logistics costs, and increase sales with better product availability.

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Fully Managed
We build and maintain the models for you

We build and provide the initial models and your internal team continues the development

Self Service
Your team builds and maintains the models using the Pecan  platform from start to finish

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