Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Direct-to-Consumer

Predict customer demand and drive sales opportunities.

first-party data to work

Put Your First-Party Data to Work

Drive efficiencies across your direct-to-consumer marketing and sales funnel. Create predictive audiences for your marketing campaigns and drive conversion, sales, and loyalty.
turn browsers into buyers

Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Supercharge your website with AI-powered predictive analytics. Understand which channels drive the highest value visitors and turn these visitors into VIPs.
drive upsell add-ons

Drive Upsell and Add-Ons

Predict when customers are more likely to buy a complementary product or upgrade their service. Meeting and exceeding MRR goals has never been easier with Pecan AI.
increase renewal & retention

Increase Renewal and Retention Rates

Stay one step ahead of your customer with predictive churn analytics. Know which customers are about to churn, when and why. Stop churn before it happens with automated machine learning.
predict customer relationships

Predict Customer Relationships

Know on day 2 the value of your customer on day 30, 60, or 90 with predictive lifetime value analytics. Predict the customer journey and build value at every phase in your customer relationship.
win back churned customers

Win Back Churned Customers

Reactivate lapsed customers before they’re lost to your competition. Fuel your winback strategy with predictive audiences and personalized messages that drive re-engagement and repeat purchases.

It’s time to plug your organization into the future

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Fully Managed
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We build and provide the initial models and your internal team continues the development

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Your team builds and maintains the models using the Pecan  platform from start to finish

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