AI Analytics Software

AI analytics software empowers teams to analyze large amounts of data and discover patterns through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Your business’s viewpoint is no longer limited to seeing what happened in the past. AI platforms allow teams to predict what will happen and make informed decisions.

What AI Analytics Software Platforms Do

AI analytics sounds technically complex. Undoubtedly, it is complicated, behind the scenes. But now, low-code AI platforms make these capabilities much more accessible to people with common, diverse skill sets. 

In the past, data scientists were the only people in organizations who could use AI. Today, the power of AI is also available to data analysts and business teams through low-code platforms.

How Your Business Benefits From AI Analytics Software

Your business can use AI analytics software in many potential applications. For example, with your existing customer and transaction data, you can predict:


Additionally, it’s even possible to optimize marketing campaigns across channels. This optimization with predictive models maximizes campaigns’ efficiency. 

Above all, you want to use your business’s resources effectively. ROI is fast with the predictive approach enabled by AI analytics.

powerful predictive modeling for proactive designs

How Pecan Is Tailored for Business AI Analytics

Pecan AI’s low-code AI platform excels in these predictive modeling capabilities. Here are some important features Pecan offers:


By knowing what customers will do in the future, business teams make plans that anticipate what will happen. In today’s competitive, fast-changing market, maintaining an edge requires a proactive approach.

Shape your products and services, campaigns, and more around the foresight that AI analytics software provides — and watch your business grow.

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