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Your AI Checklist: 3 Keys for Success

Assess if your company is truly ready to leverage AI. Our CEO and co-founder offers a checklist.

In a nutshell:

  • Assess if your company has enough data for AI
  • Having existing BI practices is beneficial for AI adoption
  • Define specific high-value use cases for AI implementation
  • Ensure AI initiatives align with business goals

‎Zohar Bronfman, Pecan's co-founder and CEO, offers insights in the video above, or keep reading for the details!

Is Your Company Ready to Adopt AI?

Artificial intelligence promises immense opportunities for business growth and efficiency. But before jumping on the AI bandwagon, it's important to assess if your company is truly ready to leverage this innovative technology.

A common question many business and data leaders grapple with is how to determine whether their company is AI-ready. I would argue that there are three key factors to consider.

1. You Need Enough Data

The fuel that runs all AI systems is data. Without sufficient, good-quality data that is relevant to your business use cases, AI cannot deliver value. As a rule of thumb, the more data you have, the better results you can expect from AI.

Before adopting AI, audit your data assets and quantify if you have enough data volume across business functions to train AI algorithms effectively.

2. Existing BI Practices Are a Plus

Companies that already have business intelligence and analytics practices in place have an advantage when preparing for AI. The tools, infrastructure, and analytical mindset required for BI together lay the groundwork for more advanced AI initiatives.

If you already use BI tools and techniques, you can more easily extend into AI-driven decision-making.

3. Define a Specific Use Case

Beware of implementing AI just for its own sake without a solid business rationale. The key is identifying specific high-value use cases, aligned to your business goals, that can benefit from AI's predictive capabilities.

Whether it's predictive sales forecasting, churn prediction, or any other relevant business scenario, you should have a clearly defined use case in mind upfront.

Ready to Explore AI for Your Business?

If you have sufficient data, some BI capabilities, and ideas for high-potential AI applications, your company likely has a strong foundation for AI adoption.

Want to get started? Pecan offers you the opportunity to use your data analysts' skills to test different use cases. Learn quickly which uses of AI have real potential to provide major business impact. Take a look at our product tour or get a personalized demo today.