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Upgrading to Pecan’s Predictive Chat and Notebook Experience

Welcome to our Predictive Chat and Notebook experience, powered by Predictive GenAI — designed to simplify and enhance your modeling journey.

In a nutshell:

  • Pecan has upgraded its model-building process with a new Predictive Chat and Notebook experience.
  • The shift focuses on efficiency, customization, and a personalized touch to predictive modeling.
  • The Predictive Chat creates custom notebooks based on your business question, while the Notebook simplifies attribute creation and data preparation.
  • Existing models will remain available, and support is available for adjustments.
  • This upgrade empowers users to unlock the full potential of predictive analytics and drive business success.

In our continuous pursuit of making predictive analytics accessible to everyone, we’re excited to announce a transformative upgrade to Pecan’s model-building process.

Moving away from the traditional template-based editor, we welcome you to our new Predictive Chat and Notebook experience — an innovative interface meticulously designed to simplify, streamline, and enhance your predictive modeling journey.

Why the change?

Understanding the dynamic needs of our users, this shift focuses on efficiency and customization. The Predictive Chat and Notebook experience not only optimizes model creation but also introduces a personalized touch to your predictive question's formulation.

This giant leap forward provides you with a tailored experience that aligns seamlessly with your specific business use cases. You’ll no longer need to adjust our old templates to your needs manually.

How do these changes affect your workflow?

1. Using the Predictive GenAI-based Predictive Chat

Instead of selecting a template, our Predictive Chat will effortlessly create a custom-made notebook based on your business question, which is already mapped to your data. All you have to do is answer its questions in natural language and follow its instructions.

2. Work with the Predictive Notebook

Instead of our classic editor, the chat will generate a Predictive Notebook with all the code needed to train a model for your predictive use case. This interface allows you to easily see all the queries in a familiar view, create custom tables that you can use as part of the flow, and understand the logic of crafting the training dataset for your model.

In your Predictive Notebook, you can even find a new AI Assistant chat that can answer your questions about the generated queries.

3. Unified Core Set Table

Gone are the days of juggling separate entity and target queries. In our new notebook environment, these critical components are elegantly combined into a single, cohesive core_set table. This innovation streamlines the data preparation phase, allowing you to focus more on insights and less on processes. 

The core_set table embodies the heart of your model, encapsulating the entities (customers, products, etc.) and their outcomes (churned, purchased, etc.)—all in one query.

4. Simplified Attribute Creation

Attributes, the lifeblood of any predictive model, are now even simpler to craft. With the Predictive Notebook, adding contextual information about your entities is straightforward and intuitive.

This ease of integration ensures that your model is equipped with the comprehensive data it needs to predict outcomes accurately.

Whether you’re adding user demographics, product features, or transaction history, enriching your model has never been easier.

What about my existing work?

Worry nut!

Your trained models will stay available, safe and sound. If you need to update them, you can easily recreate them by copying your code into the notebook or by generating a fresh new notebook.

You’re welcome to reach out to our support team, and we’ll be happy to help with the required adjustments.

Your existing predictive flows (that weren’t trained) will become read-only.

Empowering your predictive analytics journey

This evolution is more than just a platform update; it’s a commitment to empowering your predictive analytics endeavors. By aligning more closely with your business needs, the Predictive Chat and Notebook facilitate a deeper understanding of your data and a clearer path to impactful insights.

To guide you through this transition, we’ve created this article that details every step of the process.

At Pecan, we believe in innovation that empowers you. This shift towards a more intuitive, customized modeling process is another example of our dedication to your success. We can’t wait for you to unlock the full potential of predictive analytics and drive your business forward!