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Announcing Predictive GenAI in Pecan

With Predictive GenAI, we’ve infused generative AI into our powerful, automated predictive AI platform, making it even easier to get started with predictive analytics.

Pecan’s mission has always been to make the power of AI accessible to all data and business teams. We’ve worked for years to ensure our platform equips you with everything you need to build trustworthy predictive models. Now, we’ve taken a step further by integrating generative AI magic into our platform as Predictive GenAI. (You can read our announcement, plus a blog post from our CEO and co-founder about this exciting development.)

With Predictive GenAI, we’ve infused generative AI into our powerful, automated predictive AI platform, making it even easier to get started with predictive analytics. The two key elements of Predictive GenAI — our Predictive Chat and the Predictive Notebook — make it much easier to clarify your predictive goals and begin modeling effortlessly.

Let’s check it out! Dive into the full Predictive GenAI video below, or keep reading for more details on these exciting new features.

Have a casual Predictive Chat over coffee

Moving from retrospective analyses to predictive analytics can be a tough shift for even experienced data professionals. It’s a different way of thinking about and with your data — not only trying to understand the past, but using data to foresee what will happen in the future.

Fortunately, there’s now a new guide for that mental shift: our Predictive Chat, your AI sidekick during the modeling process. 

You can share your predictive analytics goal in everyday, natural language, just like when you talk to other chat-based AI tools. The Predictive Chat will ask you a few simple questions to explore your task. With your input, it will develop a well-formulated “predictive question” that can be answered with a predictive model. 

Once you’ve arrived at the right predictive question, the chat will help you immediately transition into the next step of your project: the Predictive Notebook. 

Move forward fast with the Predictive Notebook

At the end of your conversation with the Predictive Chat, you can generate a Predictive Notebook using your data. Or, you can have it auto-generate mock data so you can see how the notebook works. 

The Predictive Notebook aims to identify the right training data for your predictive model. This is the data that your model will use to learn important patterns that relate to the specific outcomes you’re interested in. Then, it can examine new data and use those patterns to predict the most likely outcomes. 

However, determining which data are valuable and relevant for training your model can take a lot of time and effort. But this is why your input to the Predictive Chat is critical. With that information, Pecan generates the Predictive Notebook to help you find the correct data for training your model, exactly how you want it. 

In the notebook, you’ll find auto-generated SQL queries that will shape the training dataset for your model. You can fine-tune the SQL, ensuring it’s precisely what you need. Most importantly, you don’t have to start from scratch, nor do you need to study Python to ensure your data and model are perfect. Our Predictive GenAI guides you through all these vital steps with ease — until you’re ready to build your model with just one last click of a button. 

Try Pecan’s Predictive GenAI now

We’re very excited to see what you build with these new capabilities. Predictive GenAI is making our already easy-to-use predictive analytics platform even more intuitive and helpful. And with some chatting, you’ll probably find you’ve got not just one but multiple business challenges that could be tackled with the help of Pecan’s predictive analytics.

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