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How to Separate AI Buzz from the Real Deal

Separate AI hype from reality with expert tips on evaluating specific solutions to solve real business problems. Gain a competitive edge now.

In a nutshell:

  • Evaluate AI solutions based on specificity and their ability to solve well-defined business problems.
  • Look for platforms that can deliver timely value and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.
  • Avoid generic platforms and prioritize targeted offerings that can quickly demonstrate value.
  • Cut through the hype by focusing on specificity, integration, and time-to-value.
  • Start implementing AI solutions now to gain a competitive edge.

Check out Zohar and Boaz’s insights in the video above, or keep reading!

‎AI is creating a lot of excitement these days, but it can be hard to tell whether an AI solution is a real deal … or just empty buzz.

The key question is: how can you evaluate if an AI platform goes beyond mere hype and actually delivers concrete value quickly?

I recently teamed up with investor Boaz Albaranes to offer some tips.

Seeking Specificity

When evaluating an AI solution, the first thing to look for is specificity—does it solve a well-defined business problem rather than make vague promises?

As Boaz explained, “I want a solution that is solving a very specific problem. I’m not a big fan of generic platforms that market themselves as they can solve anything.”

Instead, look for AI tailored to particular use cases, such as offering accurate predictions about business outcomes or customer activities.

Delivering Timely Value

It’s essential to consider whether an AI platform can realistically integrate into your existing systems and start driving value in a reasonable timeframe.

“If I need to solve a problem and now I have someone offering me a solution, but it takes long from various reasons to get value, then I’m not sure it’s something that I would look at right now,” Boaz said.

In this challenging market environment, you want to prioritize solutions that can be implemented quickly so you can evaluate their concrete impacts.

Integrating Seamlessly

Closely related to the time-to-value is how easily an AI solution integrates with your current workflows. If the platform or the software is able to integrate very easily with your existing systems, and the time to value is reasonable, then there’s probably meaningful substance there, not just buzz.

Quick integration allows faster testing so you can truly assess the value-add.

Choose Wisely — But Start Now

When evaluating AI solutions, watch out for generic buzzwords and instead seek out targeted offerings that solve well-defined business problems. Prioritize platforms that can seamlessly integrate into your systems and rapidly demonstrate value.

By focusing on specificity, integration, and time-to-value, you can cut through the hype and implement AI that moves the needle. But the time to get started is now, while you can still get a competitive edge through well-implemented AI.

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