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Can LLMs Generate Quality Business Predictions?

Combining Large Language Models with machine learning can enhance business predictions. Learn how Predictive GenAI leverages both technologies.

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Can Large Language Models Really Make Business Predictions?

With all the recent hype around large language models (LLMs), many business leaders are wondering: Can these models actually make viable real-world business predictions?

It's a fair question, considering how adept LLMs are at generating human-like text. However, the answer may surprise you.

LLMs Struggle With Numerical Data

While LLMs are extremely skilled with language and text data, they struggle to effectively analyze the tabular and numerical data that real business predictions rely on. The most meaningful predictive signals lie in numerical data sources, such as sales numbers, transaction data, operational metrics, and so forth.

LLMs don't interface well with these kinds of data, significantly limiting their ability to make accurate business forecasts.

Over the past few years, LLMs have advanced tremendously in their linguistic abilities. But making business predictions requires more than just an understanding of language. It requires extracting signals from data sources that LLMs simply aren't designed to handle.

Combining LLMs and Machine Learning

Fortunately, we can get the best of both worlds—the linguistic prowess of LLMs and the numerical predictive abilities of machine learning—through Pecan's Predictive GenAI framework. Fusing these two technologies allows us to create models that leverage each technology's strengths.

The result is an AI system with the language capabilities to generate human-like insights, combined with the capacity to uncover key predictive signals hidden deep within business data sources.

The Predictive GenAI framework will help businesses finally realize the promise of machine learning and future-focused decision-making.

A Powerful Fusion

So, while LLMs have limitations when it comes to making business predictions, their potential for business impact truly shines when they are combined properly with ML.

If you'd like to experience the power of Predictive GenAI for your business, I invite you to sign up for a free trial of our platform.