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Ten AI Business Solutions that Empower Your Team

Find top AI business solutions for efficiency and innovation. Save resources with AI tools for customer service, SEO, video creation, and more.

In a nutshell:

  • AI tools can help businesses become more efficient and solve challenges.
  • Various AI business solutions are available for different areas of your company.
  • Examples include customer service, web SEO, video creation, and more.
  • Implementing AI solutions can save time and money for your business.

Are you excited about implementing AI solutions to revolutionize your business, but need help figuring out where to start? The rise of artificial intelligence brings countless opportunities to save time and money. It’s easy to feel a bit bewildered with all the different tools and possibilities AI brings to the table.

Navigating this transformative technology can be daunting, but fear not – you’re not alone. As AI becomes increasingly integral to business strategies, understanding its potential is critical to staying ahead of the curve. Embracing AI solutions now could mean the difference between leading the pack or lagging in your industry.

In this article, we’ll share various use cases for AI and recommend a tool you can implement for each one. Read on to learn about our top AI business solutions that your business can start using today.

What are AI business solutions?

Every day, more tools are released that help businesses use AI to become more efficient and solve their pressing challenges. AI business solutions are software tools that solve problems your company faces with the help of artificial intelligence.

You can start by defining what areas of your business could use help. Think of these AI tools as specialized assistants with expertise in their field. They’re an easy and convenient way to create more value in your business and improve customer experience at the minimal expense of time or money.

What business challenges does your company need help solving? How can you improve your business processes by passing some labor to AI tools? AI can come up with solutions instantly that could take hours for a person to accomplish.

With the thousands of tools available on the market, finding the right ones for your company is challenging. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 10 areas where your business can be improved using AI and a tool suggestion for each.

This article is a great starting point for learning how AI can improve business operations. To learn more about using AI tools for your business, read our picks for the top 10 AI marketing tools.

AI business solution for customer service

Intercom home page

While your customer service needs a personal touch, AI can help you make it more efficient. Chatbots help answer customer questions and direct them to the right support person for in-depth assistance. These AI tools respond to customers, organize their information, and enable your agents to help them effectively.

AI customer service enables your company to provide stellar customer service at minimal cost. You’ll still need your customer service agents to offer human responses to your customers. With these tools, your customer service department can help more people, and your company will save money.

Example tool: Intercom is the premier solution for providing AI chatbots, helpdesk, and customer support. They are the market leader in AI customer service, with over 25,000 business clients.

AI business solution for web SEO

Surfer SEO home page

Search Engine Optimization is a challenging and competitive field, with countless websites vying for the front page on popular search terms. SEO is always changing, and websites like Google constantly develop new search algorithms. Stay on top of the changes without hiring a specialized consultant by using AI.

AI will keep track of these algorithm changes and help your business maintain top rankings for your customers’ preferred search terms. Using AI tools for SEO will help you stay on the cutting edge without hiring specialized SEO consultants. 

Here are some ways these tools can help your business get better SEO rankings:

  • Create SEO-optimized articles for your business blog
  • Check your articles for plagiarism and other factors that affect search ranking
  • Do keyword research to ensure your website ranks well for your ideal search terms
  • Do an SEO audit on your website and detect changes that will improve your search ranking

Example tool: Surfer SEO uses AI to develop an SEO workflow customized for your business. Following their recommendations can help improve your search engine rankings and increase your web traffic.

AI business solution for video creation

Pictory.ai website on mobile devices

Video creation with AI

Video content is a powerful method for marketing your business. Video gives you access to new customers who may not find your website or products. It’s an essential content form on top social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

AI video creation tools can help your company benefit from the boost videos get on social media platforms. These tools can turn your written content into videos, edit videos, and cut your longer videos into bite-sized clips.

These tools can also help your company record outstanding video content that resonates with your customers. They can connect with your camera to help you record, upload, transcribe, and share your content marketing videos.

Example tool: Pictory.ai turns your text content into a video using realistic AI voices. Pictory automatically selects highlights from longer videos to turn into short-form social media content. It also adds captions to your videos to maximize engagement on social media platforms.

AI business solution for image generation

Midjourney home page on a laptop screen

Image generation with AI

AI image generators can create new images in an instant. They’re powerful tools for visualizing new ideas and illustrating social media content. All you have to do is tell the platform the details of your idea, and it’ll come up with a visual representation of the idea in seconds.

The images they generated are technically public domain and not copyrighted. Your in-house designers can use them as inspiration to create new illustrations that can be copyrighted. Otherwise, limit their use to internal documents and minor aspects of your business to avoid future copyright issues.

Example tool: Midjourney’s AI Image Generator can generate new images and illustrations in seconds. Only paid Midjourney users can use their images commercially, so you’ll need a paid plan to use them in your business.

AI business solution for sales

Pecan.ai predictive analytics page

Oh hey, it's Pecan!

Sales are the foundation of a healthy company. Growing your sales is a powerful step toward growing your business. The right AI tools can help you make sales that would never have happened without the assistance of AI.

They do that in a variety of ways. One method is refining your lead data so you can focus on your most valuable potential clients. That enables you to maximize the productivity of your best salespeople and avoid wasting time on unqualified leads.

Predictive lead scoring uses your past results to predict which leads are the most likely to convert to a sale. It then returns a score so you can direct your efforts to the highest-scoring leads. The result is less effort spent on qualifying leads and more capacity to reach out and close sales.

Example tool: Pecan.ai provides predictive lead scoring and has other use cases that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. Learn more about how it can boost sales productivity

AI business solution for voiceovers and narration

Murf.ai website

Text-to-speech with AI

It’s often easier for people to listen to someone talk than to read the same words themselves. By turning your text into speech, you can reach a wider audience and increase the effectiveness of your content.

Instead of recording a voiceover yourself, AI tools can do the voiceover for you. They instantly generate audio from your text using the latest AI voice technology.

Using these tools, you can turn any writing into audio for customer convenience and accessibility. Blog posts, manuals, books, and training materials can automatically convert to audio content.

Example tool: Murf.ai has an extensive voice library and studio-quality voiceovers. You can try their services for free today.

AI business solution for writing

Jasper.ai home page

AI writing tools

In our digital marketplace, writing has become essential. Creating written content is often taxing and takes effort and skill to complete. Make it easier on your business by having AI draft some of your content.

Versatile AI writing tools can draft written content for your business in seconds. AI can write blogs, emails, books, and manuals. It’s exceptional for generating ideas and quickly creating first drafts.

Don’t expect it to be perfect on the first try. Editors will need to review and edit the results before going out to your audience. Even experienced writers can find ways to use AI to generate ideas and refine their work.

Example tool: Jasper.ai can create content and organize marketing campaigns that help grow your business. It can assist with copywriting, blog writing, social media marketing, SEO, and content strategy.

AI business solution for dictation and note-taking

Otter.ai Screenshot

Note-taking options with AI

Meeting note-taking is an uphill task, often distracting employees from attending the meeting. Especially with digital meetings, your employees should focus on fostering connections instead of trying to capture every detail of the discussion.

Fortunately, AI tools can do precisely that, leaving your company free to focus on what matters. You’ll no longer need to worry about taking notes at meetings or sales calls. You can leave that to the AI tools recording the interactions.

These AI tools will transcribe the conversation so you can revisit it at any time and review the important points of the meeting. These apps will also take notes for you, organize the information, and summarize your conversations using natural language processing so you can focus on the person in front of you.

You’ll never miss an important meeting or sales call detail again. By studying the transcript, you can turn every sales conversation into an opportunity to improve your sales process and prepare for questions that may come up again in future sales calls.

Example tool: Otter.ai can transcribe dictation, take meeting notes, and turn audio into text. It can join Zoom meetings, record audio, and create transcriptions — even when you’re not there.

AI business solution for workflow automation

Levity.ai Screenshot

Automating workflows with AI

Labor is expensive, especially for knowledge workers. With the assistance of AI tools, they can focus on what they do best and let AI take care of the rest.

This can be accomplished by automating repetitive digital tasks. They likely have numerous tasks that they repeat daily. Handing those small tasks over to AI saves them time and saves money for your business.

Automation tools can connect to your current digital tool stack to integrate seamlessly into their workflow. It can save your employees hours on repetitive tasks, which can then be put to better use for your company.

Example tool: Levity.ai automates manual tasks and integrates with 5,000 applications. It can extract, classify, generate, and summarize text, among other capabilities.

AI business solution for predictive modeling

Pecan Screenshot

Predictive modeling with AI

One of the most potent ways AI can transform your business is with predictive modeling. 

You can use predictive modeling tools to forecast customer lifetime value, churn, and potential for upsells and cross-sells. Our recommended tool also offers demand forecasting to predict which features and products your customers are looking for.

You don’t even need data scientists to accomplish that. AI tools can do it all with no data engineering required. Pecan’s platform can prepare the data for you so you can gain predictions that empower your company to innovate confidently and become a leader in your industry.

Example tool: Pecan can do all that and more for your business. It can parse your data to detect errors and use that data to predict your customers’ future behavior. It offers pre-built integrations to connect your data quickly, which makes it easy for your company to iterate and experiment with your data.

Start using AI solutions in your business today

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste! Use what you’ve learned today to empower and improve your business.

Start by choosing one area of your company to implement AI and testing some AI tools to see which ones best serve your company. As a reminder, here are the ten areas of business and AI tools we discussed in this article:

  1. Customer service tool: Intercom 
  2. Web SEO tool: Surfer SEO
  3. Video creation tool: Pictory.ai
  4. Image generation tool: Midjourney
  5. Sales tool: Pecan
  6. Voiceovers and narration tool: Murf.ai
  7. Writing tool: Jasper.ai
  8. Dictation and note-taking tool: Otter.ai
  9. Workflow automation tool: Levity.ai 
  10. Predictive modeling tool: Pecan

The predictive problem-solving solutions of Pecan.ai are a great place to start introducing AI into your workflow. Schedule a demo today to find out what we can do for your business.