Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods

Anticipate Changes in Consumer Shopping Behavior.
identify trading down trends

Identify Trading Down Trends

Recognize changes in purchase size, purchase delays, and changes in retailers. Create winback incentives and campaigns that encourage re-engagement.
promote private label

Promote your Private Label

Drive growth for your private-label brands. Develop highly structured audience segments for marketing and promotional efforts that increase cross-sell, encourage upsell, and generate revenue.
build private label loyalty

Build Private-Label Loyalty

Leverage your loyalty card and transactional data to learn who purchased and who is likely to purchase again. Create loyality with predictive lifetime value analytics.
predict revenue kpis

Predict Revenue KPIs

Understand the factors contributing to customer unit sales, revenue, and incremental sales. Feed these insights into your marketing plans to drive campaign strategy and execution.
manage inventory and reduce overstock

Manage Inventory and Reduce Overstock

Increase inventory turnover rates while reducing inventory holding costs by as much as 20%. Reduce supply lead time and increase sales with better product availability.
seamless integrations and data connectors

Seamless Integrations and Data Connectors

Pecan AI offers an accessible, low-code platform that BI and data analysts can use to create and deploy predictive segments. Push segments to your system of record to drive consumer behavior and in-store sales.

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