Pecan AI Receives 2022 BigDATAwire Award

Seventh Annual Awards Given to Leaders in Global Data Science, AI, and Advanced Analytics

November 28, 2022

NEW YORK & TEL AVIV, Israel – November 28, 2022Pecan AI has been selected as one of the Editors’ Choice Top 3 Data and AI Startups in the seventh annual BigDATAwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards, released today at (formerly Datanami). BigDATAwire is the leading publication for news and information on data science in business, government, and industry.

top 3 data and ai startup 2022 editor's choice awards

The coveted annual BigDATAwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards are determined through a nomination and voting process with the global BigDATAwire community, as well as selections from the BigDATAwire editors. The awards recognize the companies and products that have made a difference in the big data community this year and provide insight into the state of the industry.

“Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2022 Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards,” said BigDATAwire Managing Editor Alex Woodie. “Companies have a lot of product choices in the big data space today, but thanks to our dedicated readers, we know which ones have gained traction in the real world.”

“We’re delighted to receive this Editors’ Choice award from BigDATAwire, and to be selected as a standout among the many startups doing excellent work in the data and AI space today,” said Zohar Bronfman, CEO and co-founder of Pecan AI. “This award highlights Pecan’s ability to grant all business teams and data analysts the power of data science. This recognition motivates us further to help more companies achieve transformational results with predictive analytics.”

More information on these awards is at BigDATAwire and on Twitter at the following hashtag: #BigDATAwireRCA22.

About Pecan AI

Pecan helps business intelligence, operations, and revenue teams predict mission-critical outcomes. As the world’s only low-code predictive analytics platform, Pecan enables companies to harness the full power of AI and predictive modeling without requiring any data scientists on staff. With Pecan’s platform, companies turn hindsight into foresight by generating highly accurate predictions and recommendations that improve customer lifetime value, retention, conversion rates, demand forecasting, and other revenue-driving KPIs. Founded in 2018, Pecan’s predictions impact billions of dollars in revenue for fintech, insurance, retail, consumer packaged goods, mobile apps, and consumer services companies of all sizes. Learn more at

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