Maximize Campaign ROAS with Advanced AI

January 19, 2023

83% of marketers need to show better, quantifiable results from their programs. Today, digital acquisition campaigns too often lack efficiency, insight, and resources, resulting in lost opportunities and unrealized campaign goals.

Insights from your data are often missed. Too much budget is spent on underperforming campaigns, while high-value campaigns go unrecognized.

With a predictive analytics platform, marketers can take control of their campaigns’ efficiency and improve their ROAS with accurate, customer-level predictions. These predictions allow campaign managers to get a future view of their campaign performance and know when, where, and how to optimize their programs to drive higher ROAS.

Join Yehonathan Barnea, VP of Customer Success, and Yosef Orzach, Customer Success Manager, to learn how you can:

  • Improve digital marketing efficiency based on customer lifetime value
  • Leverage your 1st party data for predictions in iOS and Android
  • Make ROAS decisions earlier in your campaign lifecycle
  • Decrease time-to-market with low-code predictive analytics

Who should watch this webinar? 

Senior director level or above in: digital marketing, digital media, demand generation, performance marketing, performance media, customer acquisition marketing, marketing science, media buying, programmatic marketing


photo of yos orzach Yosef Orzach
Customer Success Manager, Pecan AI

photo of yehonathan barnea Yehonathan Barnea
VP of Customer Success, Pecan AI

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