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Marketing Performance

DME Acquire’s game-changing results with Pecan

DME Acquire achieved up to 40% improved campaign response prediction and the ability to deliver previously impossible insights.

The Challenge

DME Acquire faced challenges with slow analytics and limited client insights before implementing Pecan, which has transformed its business operations. Scott Zientarski, managing partner, says, “We were looking for a solution that would help increase our velocity of business and marketing analytics.”

Pecan’s pre-built predictive modeling and easy-to-use, intuitive interface allowed the company to quickly answer complex business questions and optimize its marketing efforts. The team was impressed by “how simple it was for us to answer some fairly complex business questions, within minutes in some cases and hours at the most. That’s a game changer for us,” Scott says.

Being able to perform predictive analytics with a degree of velocity is critical. Pecan allowed us to create predictive modeling that generated lift in ROI for campaigns and to perform segmentations that we previously didn’t have the time or resources for.

Scott Zientarski, DME Acquire

The Results

The impact was significant, with up to 40% improvement in predicting campaign responders and enhanced management insights. This improvement in predictive capabilities allowed the DME Acquire team to optimize their marketing efforts and allocate resources more effectively.

“We’re able to now deliver far, far more value to our clients and insights that were impossible a year ago,” Scott adds.

This newfound capability not only improved their ROI and response rates but also empowered management in unexpected ways. The new insights revealed by Pecan’s predictive analytics enabled better decision-making and strategic planning across the organization. “I would have never envisioned having this kind of empowerment as a manager,” Scott says.