About Us

Pecan is where some of the world’s most passionate people create the world’s most innovative deep learning predictive analytics automation solutions.


"We fell in love with neural networks (deep-learning) and want to make this incredibly strong technology available to all those who believe in it, but struggle to obtain or sustain it.”

- Noam & Zohar, founders

Zohar Bronfman, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

An entrepreneur and CEO, with a PhD in computational cognitive neuroscience and a PhD in history and philosophy of science. His expertise include Analytics, AI, Deep Learning and Computational Psychology, as well as a strong background in Data Science, Statistical Data Analysis and Business Analytics.

Noam Brezis, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

Experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of execution and success in the computer software industry, and a PhD in computational neuroscience. Strong entrepreneurial professional, skilled in Artificial Intelligence, Product Planning, Data Science, and Management.

How it all began

Noam and Zohar met some eight years ago, on the first day of their MA in computational cognitive neuroscience at Tel-Aviv University. From that day on, they have spent (and continue to spend) most of their waking hours working closely together researching AI. They have published numerous papers in leading scientific peer-reviewed journals, such as Neural Computation, Nature Scientific Reports, Proceedings of the Royal Society, PLOS Computational Biology, and many more.

In 2016, after finishing their PhDs, Noam and Zohar founded Pecan with the purpose of creating novel technologies in what they believe is the most fascinating spot where science and industry meet – deep learning and AI. Today they are joined by dozens of curious, innovative and passionate data and AI researchers - all striving together towards making deep learning predictive analytics accessible and reliable as it should be.

Do more than you ever thought possible

We bring amazing people together to make great things happen. Join us.


UI\UX Product Designer

Work closely with our Product Design team and support different ranges of functionality.


Data Engineer

Design and architecture of modules and services.


QA Engineer

Own the quality domain and serve as a focal point for all QA matters


Data scientist

Work closely with our leading customers, and develop solutions for new types of problems

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