About Us

Pecan is an automated AI-based predictive analytics platform that simplifies and speeds the process of building and deploying predictive models in various customer-related and operational use-cases, such as LTV, churn, NBO, risk, and segmentation. Pecan does not require any data preparation, engineering or prepossessing - it connects directly to raw data, and uses neural networks to automate the entire predictive process. With Pecan,organizations can obtain and deploy AI models in days, without relying on data scientists in the process.


"We fell in love with predictive analytics and want to make this amazing capability accessible to all those who can benefit from it.”

- Noam & Zohar, founders

Zohar Bronfman, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Zohar has a PhD in computational cognitive neuroscience, and a PhD in history and philosophy of science, as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His expertise includes the following fields; Analytics, AI, Deep Learning and Computational Psychology, and a strong background in Data Science, Statistical Data Analysis and Business Analytics.

Noam Brezis, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

An experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of success in the computer software industry, Noam is also a proven entrepreneur. Holding a PhD in computational neuroscience, he specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Product Planning, Data Science, and Management.

Our investors

We are proud to be funded by some of the best VCs in the world.

Do more than you ever thought possible

Join us in developing a unique SaaS platform using cutting-edge technology that allows users to build predictive analytics models using a few simple steps. We’re granting businesses and data analysts the ability to make smart business predictions with quick and accurate results.

Why Join Pecan?

The Best

We might be young, but that doesn’t mean we compromise. Our employees are the top in their field, allowing you to work with others who want to succeed, are driven and motivated.


We believe in empowering our employees. We hired you for a reason. Work without someone checking you every 15 min.

Grow With Us

When we grow, you grow. Be part of a lean startup while we make a name for ourselves. Pecan gives you the opportunity to grow with us and gain experience in one of the newest most sought-after technology.


Pecan is a small team with big potential. Get to know the whole company, not just those working in your specific field.  We enjoy each other’s company; eating, laughing, working out, and our famous weekly happy hour.

Open Positions


continuously helping our clients achieve their business goals and implement predictive analytics driven actions


Senior IT Specialist

Assist our IT team in providing our employees with a great onboarding experience and exceptional ongoing customer support.


Data analysts team lead

Our Customer Success organization is looking for an entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, and client-focused data-oriented professional to help build a repeatable data services practice.


Client facing data analyst

Our Customer Success team is looking for an enthusiastic, client-focused, and data-oriented professional


Backend Engineer

Be a designer and architect of complex services, features, and high scale data pipelines.


Full Stack Engineer

Build next-generation web applications with us

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