Senior Backend Engineer - Pecan AI

Senior Backend Engineer

Pecan is an automated AI-based predictive analytics platform. It simplifies and accelerates the process of building and deploying predictive machine learning models in various business use-cases, such as life-time value, Churn, demand forecast and more. Pecan connects to the raw data and completely automates the data preparation, pre-processing & feature engineering  phases, as well as the model training and evaluation lifecycle. It was acknowledged as one of Israel's 50 most promising startups two years in a row.

Company Highlights: 

  • Series C company with over $117M raised to date. Tier-1 investors: Google Ventures (GV), Insight Partners, GGV, Dell Ventures, Mindset and S Capital. 
  • 80 employees 
  • HQ in Tel Aviv with growing sales and marketing organization in the US 
  • Customers across CPG, retail, healthcare, mobile apps, fintech, insurance, and consumer services. Marquee customers include Johnson & Johnson,, and SciPlay.


As a senior backend developer on our team, you will help us build and extend our core machine learning platform.. You will be responsible for the end-to-end feature lifecycle: starting from design and architecture, through implementing, testing, and releasing the feature. You will also get the chance to use your experience to help us make our product better, by taking part in architecture design and technological leadership.

Who You Are:

A problem solver at heart, you have a passion for excellence, you love to learn but know when it’s time to deliver and make ends meet. You aren’t threatened by a complex, dynamic and demanding environment. “There is no I in team”, is a motto you believe in deeply and you are always looking out for your peers. You know how to take ownership and drive projects to completion.

What We're Looking For:

  • 5+ years of experience developing backend systems with passion for excellence.
  • 5+ years of experience in Python. 
  • 5+ years of experience with tools such as containers, CI/CD, testing / monitoring / logging. (change it)
  • Experience with  REST APIs, server-side API integration, queues and distributed systems.
  • Knowledge of ORM, SQL and Data Modeling.
  • Understanding of system design and knowledge of system design patterns.
  • Experience with microservices architecture.
  • Previous experience in E2E design and implementation of features as part of large scale backend projects.
  • Knowledge with spark


Understanding ML fundamentals.

  • B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science or similar.
  • Experience with airflow
  • Experience with fastAPI


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