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Enhance your mobile application with predictive analytics. 
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Predict every step of the user journey


Keep more users with predictive

Beat dwindling retention trends by acting in advance

Worldwide 90-day retention for mobile apps is just 4%. Whether optimizing for 3 days, 30 days or 90 day cliffs, mobile app makers and marketers need to know exactly what factors lead to more engagement and retention, and how to take action to counteract mobile app users’ natural inclination to churn.


Maximize lifetime value

Set up models to run continuously, and find upsell opportunities

Predictive lifetime value (pLTV) is the white whale of app analytics. Make pLTV achievable and scalable to every game and app, and by every feature you want to predict for. 


Learn how a multi-title mobile gaming company keeps players engaged

It’s time to plug your organization into the future