Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Marketing Performance Management (MPM)

Analyze data and optimize marketing performance programs with predictive analytics.

grow ai marketing

Grow with AI for Marketing

Integrate AI and machine learning into your marketing stack with Pecan AI. Analyze your data faster and predict the future ROI of your marketing campaigns.
move bi to ai

Move from BI to AI

Replace manual analysis and forecasting with state-of-the-art automated machine learning. Gain predictive insights into customers’ future buying patterns to inform strategy.
improve data management

Improve Data Management

With automated data connection, cleansing, and AutoML, reduce the risk of improper data interpretation. Cut down on burdensome data cleansing and eliminate costly data silos.
develop ai-powered campaign

Develop AI-Powered Campaigns

Combine a variety of data sources with pre-built connectors, then create predictive models with ease. Predict where, when, and how to reach customers and drive campaign success.
drive return on investment

Drive Return on Investment

Predict future customer behavior and prioritize new customers at the beginning of your relationship. Identify those most likely to be highly valuable earlier in the customer journey to recoup customer acquisition costs in weeks, not months.
augment resources

Augment Resources

Pecan brings best-in-class AI to augment your existing analytics team’s capabilities. Create a data-driven, future-focused measurement strategy, without adding data science resources.

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Fully Managed
We build and maintain the models for you

We build and provide the initial models and your internal team continues the development

Self Service
Your team builds and maintains the models using the Pecan  platform from start to finish

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