Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Insurance

Ensure business outcomes with predictive analytics

data driven perspective

Get a Data-Driven Perspective on Policyholders

Predictive analytics provides a data-driven, forward-looking perspective on your policyholders and business. Build proactive strategies that maximize revenue and accelerate growth.
proactive customer support

Proactive Customer Support

With Pecan’s AI-based predictions, develop a staffing plan to better meet customer demand and reduce service wait times. Predict what customers need most and build loyalty with customer service that anticipates their needs.
predictable marketing campaigns

Create Predictable Marketing Campaigns

Create predictive models to guide your marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics. Increase campaign conversion rates and lower acquisition costs with predictive analytics.
look alike modeling

Look-alike Modeling

Generate audiences who look like your most valuable customers with Pecan AI. Leverage enriched data to reach highly qualified audiences and reduce acquisition costs.
identify upsell & cross-sell opportunities

Identify Upsell/Cross-Sell Opportunities

Deploy predictive models to identify which policyholders are most likely to increase coverage or add new policy types.
plan for customer demand

Predict Policy Churn

Predict which policyholders are about to churn. Develop proactive marketing and agent promotions that retain these policyholders.

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A leading insurance and financial services provider wanted to identify and execute cross-sell opportunities for various insurance types. The marketing and sales teams for auto and home insurance worked with Pecan to improve their cross-selling success.

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Fully Managed
We build and maintain the models for you

We build and provide the initial models and your internal team continues the development

Self Service
Your team builds and maintains the models using the Pecan  platform from start to finish

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