Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics for Customer Journey Analytics

Stay one step ahead of customer expectations with predictive analytics.
predict customer journey

Predict the Customer Journey

Identify customer behavior changes at each phase in the customer journey. Create proactive strategies that allow you to drive acquisition, improve conversions, streamline sales and enhance customer loyalty.
anticipate customer needs

Anticipate Customer Needs

Know your customers’ needs in advance. Design personalized communications that reduce churn and drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Arm your customer support and marketing teams with predictive insights that drive repeat business.

shorten sales cycle

Shorten Sales Cycle

Predict which prospects, leads, shoppers, or online visitors will convert and foresee their expected lifetime value. Focus time and resources on high-value opportunities to strategically drive higher average order sizes in a shorter amount of time.
increase share

Predict Cross-Sell Opportunities

Increase average order value (AOV) and share of wallet with your customer. Grow customer lifetime value and generate more revenue by offering highly relevant complementary products and services.
improve upsell

Improve Upsell Campaigns

Improve the conversion rate for your customer upsell campaigns by 70%, and grow revenue in under 14 days. Accurate, reliable predictions of customers’ interest in upsell offers will enhance your marketing strategy, loyalty programs, and customer success initiatives.
empower support teams

Empower Support Teams and Improve Communication

Support your teams with AI-powered predictive insights that drive proactive communication strategies. Built-in data connectors and automated integration with your existing systems create AI frameworks that work for you.

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