Predictive Analytics Software

Build Your Own Predictive Solution

Use Pecan’s powerful predictive analytics platform to build your own machine-learning solution to address your team’s biggest challenges. Data analysts can use their SQL skills to construct automated data and modeling workflows. Achieve and surpass your team’s goals by using predictions to guide informed strategy and day-to-day decisions.

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SQL Does It

If you know SQL, you can create machine-learning models with Pecan. Connect to data sources, choose relevant variables, and feed them into models. Adjust the logic using our intuitive SQL editor. 

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Skip the Tedious Data Prep

Getting your data AI-ready doesn’t have to be a grind. Pecan’s automated data preparation makes sure your data is ready to use in accurate, trustworthy models, resolving issues fast. New features are constructed and evaluated automatically — no manual process required.

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Automate Modeling

Concerned about the tiny details of every ML algorithm and each hyperparameter setting? Pecan uses state-of-the-art automated model construction, evaluation, and selection to identify and tune the right model for your needs. Our platform has been refined by the experience of building thousands of models for our customers.

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Iterate Rapidly

Want to change your selection of data or update a setting of your model? No need to ask another team for help, then wait while opportunities are missed. Instead, quickly iterate on and test models within our easy-to-use platform. See refreshed results in minutes, not weeks.

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Integrate Predictions Seamlessly

Bring predictions right into your everyday workflows with our pre-built data connectors. Pecan’s platform offers a variety of integrations for many popular databases, data warehouses, CRMs, MMPs, and more.

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Level Up Your Team

Help your team accomplish more than ever before by adopting a predictive approach. Demonstrate the value of your team’s work and your data projects across the organization, and share insights into the business’s future for maximum impact.

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Self Service
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