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Pecan and SAP partner on predictive

Recently, Pecan participated in the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Products Cohort and became an SAP Partner Edge Integrate Partner, beginning a long-term partnership with SAP, and will soon be available on SAP’s App Center.

As part of that collaboration, our CEO Zohar Bronfman sat down with SAP to talk about the incredible potential of predictive analytics, and the critical components to focus on to make the analytics practice accessible and useful to as wide an audience as possible.

Transcript below.

Our platform predicts the future in a very accurate way. That you can know with 80-90% accuracy what is going to happen to your customers is mind blowing.

Making predictions about the future can be done in so many ways.

With machine learning-based predictive analytics, you let the machine decipher the patterns hidden in your data. What is the price that is goint to yield maximum revenue, for example?

Hi, I'm Zohar Bronfman. I'm a co-founder and CEO of Pecan—predictive analytics that is accessible to all organizations.

Do you remember the number you wrote?

3,725,000 (predictions delivered since 9am that day).

The most popular predictions are predicting churn, customer activity volume, how much these customers are going to be worth to the company over a certain period of time.

The only predictive analytics platform that was purposely built for business analysts—perfectly situated for them.

They know the data and they are very motivated to make these predictions, they just don't have the data science background.

In the era of COVID, the one thing you can't afford is to elevate churn or dissatisfied customers.

With the Pecan platform, you can see predictions from raw data. So we reduce the time to market of predictive analytics from months to days, literally.

Organizations that are not able to do that are no going to survive. This is where the real business edge lies.

There is a very deep match between the capabilities of Pecan and the existing customer base of SAP.

We are working on identifying the best places where the combination of our capabilities with SAP's customers and existing products can yield maximum value. We want to take them to the next level, and that's why this collaboration is so amazing for us.

It's time to plug your organization into its future.

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