Can Artificial Intelligence exist in a business without Data scientist?

Zohar Bronfman

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Predictive Analytics is now available to all as a powerful, easy and quickly implemented off-the-shelf product.

Gartner defines a citizen data scientist as a person who creates or generates models that use advanced diagnostic analytics or predictive and prescriptive capabilities, but whose primary job function is outside the field of statistics and analytics.

Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques, using artificial intelligence (AI), to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. The goal is to go beyond knowing what has happened to provide the best assessment of what will happen in the future.

Until now, companies wanting to enjoy the benefits of predictive analytics required data scientists to create the models that provide the predictions. There exists a huge gap between the demand for AI technologies and the supply of data scientists. This shortage is a barrier, preventing many organizations from entering the AI world. Furthermore, it impairs the ability of millions of companies  globally to advance to the most exciting and influential technology since the Internet revolution.

Transform Your Data Analysts Into Citizen Data Scientists With Pecan’s Deep Learning Automation System  

Pecan is one of the first companies in the world to take on, and succeed, in the challenge of making AI accessible to companies without data scientists. Pecan’s technology offers a revolutionary solution for harnessing AI for the business needs of an organization.

The founders of Pecan, Dr. Noam Brezis and myself (Dr. Zohar Bronfman), AI specialists with a rich academic background, have been studying Deep Learning (DL) for years. DL is the most complex and advanced information processing technology in the field of AI. We, together with our incredible team, developed the first-of-its-kind deep automated predictive analytics system.

Pecan is the first company to upgrade and enhance the data analyst skills of the Business Intelligence professional. Pecan’s solution provides analysts with Data Scientist capabilities, enabling them to quickly and easily develop Deep Learning Predictive Analytics models.

The heart of the process is building the data model by following 3 simple steps - Entity, Target, Attributes – a setup process which takes a few minutes; then the model's training process is completely automatic and takes just a few hours. Thus, the business prediction outcome, based on data analysis, now becomes a commodity; an off-the-shelf product available to use in a cloud service framework.

Pecan takes your historical data and trains the model, putting aside 20% of the data to use for the prediction. You then compare the predictions with what actually happened.  Pecan wants its customers to be completely convinced that the insights it provides are accurate and reliable. Only then, when you want to implement the model for future predictions do you pay for the service.

Prediction models can be easily developed for a wide range of business scenarios, allowing your business decisions to be flexible and sensitive to real-time developments.  The new solution will be continuously integrated and will be fully compatible with all existing information systems and applications throughout the organization.

Pecan eliminates the barrier to Deep Learning and opens businesses up to the world of predictive forecasting.

Business executives are now empowered and can enter the AI world without the operational and financial barriers that stopped them in the past. They will gain a true understanding of the condition of their future business and will be able to compete better with other companies in their field.

Pecan’s solution unlocks the door to DL. It enables business executives to quickly and easily break into the new world of business-based learning prediction; thereby putting them in control of the fate of their business.

Business prediction is a critical component in the competitiveness of each company. It shifts the company from an era of passive insights based on historical data and ushers them into an era of proactive insights based on predicting the results of future events.

These predictions empower business leaders to make informed decisions and facilitate insightful actions. Such predictions constitute an unprecedented strategic advancement in the technological arms race.

The types of questions the system is capable of dealing with, and providing accurate predictions for, are extremely varied in scope.

For example:

  • What is the optimal price of a particular product sold in a particular geographical region?
  • What will be the demand for a specific product or service at a certain time?
  • What is the optimal amount of inventory for the next month?
  • Which customers would be willing to pay more for a product?
  • Which customers will potentially become highly valued customers?
  • Which existing customers will be highly susceptible to churning?
  • Which financial transactions carry the risk of fraud?‍

Precise predictions of such questions are worth gold, as sales and marketing teams, can:

  • Remove the blind spots to predicting demand
  • Identify promising customers
  • Increase sales
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Prevent abandonment

All these predictions can contribute significantly to a company's total revenue growth. The Pecan solution will provide each company with a safe and proven technological pathway to the world of predictive analytics.

The human resources required for this - the Data Analysts - already exist in most organizations. Pecan’s technology is all that’s needed to empower them and advance their skills so that they can provide answers that previously only data scientists could provide.

The key is the Pecan system now available for all those who could only dream.

Deep Learning, Wide Adoption

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