AI and Predictive Analytics goes Mainstream

Noam Brezis

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Not just mega-corporations get to benefit from an automated “eye-opening” system that predicts the outcomes of business scenarios, removes uncertainty, facilitates informed decision making and maximizes profits.

Technological revolutions do not necessarily happen as soon as a new technology is introduced. More often, they take place only after the technology has been widely adopted.  Complex business technologies in particular require years of customization and accessibility improvements before their full potential can be realized. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, for example, needed an entire decade before settling comfortably on executive desks and trickling down to the rank and file of the marketing, sales and service personnel.

Having said that, it is time to open your eyes to a new revolution looming on the horizon. BI systems, skilled at analyzing and presenting passive insights based on historical data, are being augmented with artificial intelligence (AI) systems that yield actionable insights based on Predictive Analytics to assist informed decision-making that leads to significant business gains. Those who do not hurry to jump on the AI wagon are risking the business future of their company.

“Eye opening’” AI systems of this type will provide highly-accurate answers to business questions such as:

  • What is the optimal price for a certain product in a particular geography?
  • What will be the scope of demand for a specific product or service on a certain date?
  • What is the optimal stock level for next month
  • Which customers will be prepared to pay more?
  • Which prospects have the highest chances of becoming our customers?
  • Which of our existing customers are the most likely to defect?
  • Which financial transactions are prone to frauds?

Analytics of this caliber practically eliminate the blind spots of the marketing and sales team, giving them an unprecedented weapon in the technological armament race. However, up until now, the power of AI has been almost exclusively reserved to the mega corporations: Google, Amazon, Facebook and their peers have been using AI tools for a broad range of use cases while most of the other companies could only admire their achievements as bystanders. All this happened for a good reason:  AI technology is still far from becoming a commonplace tool for a host of reasons: system, complexity, lengthy model development time (approx. 6 months), the exorbitant cost of data scientists and their dire shortage in the marketplace.

Enter Pecan: making AI and Predictive Analytics accessible to executives

Pecan co-founders, Dr. Noam Brezis and Dr. Zohar Bronfman, AI experts with extensive academic background, have made it their mission to place the most intricate AI technologies within the reach of every company and transform predictive analytics, which is based on data analytics, into a readily available and affordable shelf product, very much like cloud services.

Whereas until now the development of an AI model by a data scientist required approx. 6 months and a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars (with no assurance it would work), the new solution offered by Pecan allows every company to develop a model within a few hours. Moreover, users are billed only after they have tested the model on live data in their own systems and become convinced that the insights generated by the model are accurate and reliable.

Based on Deep Learning automation, Pecan’s solution provides the most advanced, accurate and elaborate data processing technology available today for AI.  Pecan puts managers on the fast lane to the AI revolution and ultimately, to controlling the fate of their business.

Pecan pioneers Predictive Analytics by making it available to all users, signaling the true start of the artificial intelligence revolution.

It's time to plug your organization into its future.

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