Pecan Manufacturing

Simple tool for complexed production.

Built to seamlessly and safely integrate into your production data and empower workers in achieving operational excellence. Based on an automated AI, Pecan simplifies and speeds the process of building and deploying operational modules.

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The Data Challenge

Industries and infrastructure create data constantly. This data is stored but seldom utilized and in most cases for postmortem analysis of past events. Humanly impossible to manually scan through this much data to gain holistic insights that are crucial and strategic

Pecan Manufacturing solution

Data Cleansing

Pecan will connect to your existing data and will automatically prepare it for  modeling

Modeling and personalization

With unique approach, Pecan will produce series of modules that will be especially adopted for your environment and challenges

Work as you need

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Simple, Intelligent, Safe

  • Industrial Pecan is a simple to use tool created especially for industrial use.
  • Insights from the system provide coherent feedback with Prediction ,root cause and explanation for events that are provided.
  • Support experts – if in depth investigation of event is required – additional interface is provided.
With the Pecan platform, we are able to build models in literally days, without having to deal with data preparation or machine learning algorithms. There is a huge potential to the Pecan platform, and we are adopting this innovative approach in order to deliver exactly what our customers are looking for.”
Haim Piratinskiy
Founding Partner at Siemens Dynamo

It's time to plug your organization into its future.

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