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Only Pecan provides you with new types of predictions: Individual probability predictions, Factor Predictions, and Predictive Hypotheses – all offered as fully automated deep learning managed services.


Pecan lets you throw a set of eyes into the future so that you can make informed business decisions.

Pecan is an industry-first automated AI deep-learning predictive analytics platform for business analysts. Pecan does the data building, re-structuring and preprocessing automatically. With no need for data scientists or programming skills, Pecan will allow analysts in your organization to create deep learning predictive models within days for predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Don’t Let the Train of the Future Run You Over - Move From Old-Generation Forecasting to New-Generation AI-powered Predictive Analytics

Only Pecan provides you with new types of AI-powered predictions - Individual Probability Predictions complemented by individual root-cause analysis, providing full visibility and accountability over the predictive model.

Pecan platform

Likelihood Prediction for Individuals

Pecan’s likelihood predictions are implemented on a specific individual entity (as opposed to just groups).
Pecan can generate individual predictions that answer questions such as:

What product is Gary most likely to buy?
Use Case: provide the next best offer for EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER

What is the maximum price Brian will be willing to pay at this precise moment for the car he desires?
Use Case: Adjust pricing in real-time

How likely is Sharon to cancel her subscription with us next month?
Use Case: Anticipate and PREVENT churn

Is the payment being processed right now on Bruce's credit card fraud? and if so then why?
Use Case: Identify fraudulent transactions in real-time

Industry First: Factor Predictions

Pecan’s root-cause analysis uncovers the impact each contributing factor has on each specific prediction. Pecan enables full interpretability over the underlying predictive model, allowing you to increase efficiency by focusing your efforts where they will have the largest effect. Use Pecan to answer questions like:

Why is Veronica predicted to churn? Is it because of her age or the sum of her last 3 transactions?
Preemptive Action: adjust price point

Which factors most influence Veronica’s future decision? Was it price point, service, lack of usages, bad product fit or her age group?
Preemptive Action: improve customer service, create advertising campaigns towards teenagers.

What are the common factors of instances where fraud occurred?
Preemptive Action: adjust risk for identified factors

Predictive Hypotheses engine

Industry First: Predictive Hypotheses

The Predictive Hypotheses engine gives you the power to reach better decisions faster. With Pecan, you can scientifically predict the outcomes of various business decisions, and how they will affect each and every aspect of your bottom line.
Among the scenarios the system can predict:

What will be the impact on Jennifer’s decision to buy if we presented an 18% percent discount on her purchase?
(Worthwhile or not)

What will be the impact on our revenue and profitability if we add swimming goggles to the swimsuit promotion?
(Worthwhile or not)

How many customers (and which customers) will cancel the subscription if we remove HBO from our package?
(Worthwhile or not)

What will be the impact on our revenue and profitability if we increase our store hours by 2 hours? By 3?
(Worthwhile or not)

Our customers have absolutely fallen in love with how Pecan has transformed the possibilities of doing business.


Tier 1 Payment Processing Company

This Pecan customer is a full-service payment platform, constantly battling fraud attempts whilst striving to maintain the highest system reliability for its customers. Pecan created a working model for the payment processing platform within a week of accessing the raw data, compared to the typical 5-7 months alternative solutions require.

Pecan identified and blocked 3,511 fraud attempts, estimated at $1.45 million of damages to the company.

Industry First: Factor Predictions

Pecan identified 281 potential heavy gamers, and the marketing actions taken by the company turned them into actual heavy gamblers. The additional revenue derived from this conversion is estimated at $3.7 million, which reflects a 7% growth, an enormous growth in a short period.

Pecan created a working model for the gaming company within a few days of integration with the raw data, compared to 4-6 months required for alternative solutions.

Change is the law of Business. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
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